How We Are Different

We are a school that believes in taking children back to the learning basics where parents can be confident their child is getting a quality education without sacrificing their faith or character.

Our Curriculum Includes:


Our curriculum relies heavily on the Parents’ role in our school. We use the Saxon Math program to enhance the children’s ability to process and compute in a logical and linear manner.

Reading, Writing & Grammar

We anchor our English program to the Arizona state standards with the emphasis to excel in writing and critical thinking. Students will use life experiences as well as formal studies to augment literary comprehension.

STEM & Science

We specialize in hands-on learning with our focus on core STEM principles and character building lessons. Our curriculum is based on logic and the laws of physical science and how it relates to the students everyday lives.

Social Studies

We provide a in-depth review of our country’s history and the principles that created it with a firm constitutional basis. We incorporate geography and civics into our history lessons for a well-rounded experience of how mankind arrived where it is today.

Our Policies Includes:

Attendance Policy

Behavior Policy