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Valentine’s day at CHS is an old tradition of fun and games. Beyond the stereotypical letters and chocolates, the Student Council works hard every year to produce a fun school-wide competition.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted everyone, this year’s high school seniors have been especially hit hard.

Cedaredge High School art students have been busy putting their art skills to work since the beginning of the school year, painting pet portraits for donors to the Surface Creek Animal Shelter.

How to Watch CHS Games!

As everyone knows, times have changed and CHS athletics are no exception. This season B athletics will look different. Most fans will be watching their favorite CHS sports online or through the TV. Fortunately, through NFHS and CHSAA, CHS will broadcast all sporting events. With the new camera in the gymnasium, games will be filmed and fans will be able to watch the games live. Kirby Henderson and Hunter Kissner will be on the call for the games.

In order to watch these games, fans will log onto There will be multiple types of subscriptions for fans to choose from in the upper right hand corner. Once you build an account, follow the Cedaredge account and kick back and enjoy the CHS athletics.

Photo Arrays

2020 marks the one-hundredth year of Cedaredge Elementary School's historic building. This building has served as an elementary as well as middle and high school, encompassing all levels of students.

CHS successfully completed the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior year brings many important decisions for the graduating class. One major decision seniors face is whether or not they want to graduate a semester early.