Having been at del Sol for so many years has made me a better parent and has fostered a tremendous growth in our children that could not have been achieved anywhere else but del Sol. I wish this model could be implemented for all schools in the country."

-del Sol Father

del Sol’s program IS

based on the assumption that children are important people; that children have a right to be nurtured by teachers who honor them for who they are — unique, creative individuals, rich in being & potential, capable & powerful, loving & giving, possessing a natural sense of wonder, curiosity, desire, excitement, and joy in living & learning.

A Curriculum that Promotes Growth

We know, from our own experience and from child development theorists, that children are impelled to learn -- most effectively by doing and reflecting upon it. Knowledge is not something that is given to children, but is actually constructed by the individual child through playful and purposeful interactions.

del Sol is a School for the Whole Family

Annual family traditions build community and an ongoing understanding of our unique school

Opening Social and Camp Out at Wilderness Park

Our annual open house is a casual night of food and reconnection with our fellow community members. Family skits provide a creative playfulness where each family shines through. As our private campground, Wilderness Park supports the transition from our identities as individual families to the del Sol Family.

The Thanksgiving Feast

This annual event is a celebration for the whole family. These are the cherished memories that tie learning, laughter, and family together.

Family Nights and Parent Education

Coming together regularly with like-minded families on a regular basis to nourish the body, the heart, and the mind strengthens our personal and group connectedness.

The Peace Trip and Camp Out

At del Sol, building character is a daily curriculum. Each spring we strengthen our commitment to nonviolence through our annual school-wide Season for Nonviolence which culminates in a weekend honoring our commitments to making the world a better place, starting with ourselves, our families, and our community.

Creating Cultures of Thinking Nights

These are Curriculum Open Houses throughout the year where our project-based, emergent curriculum comes to life as children share their learning excitement with their parents and del Sol family.

Come feel the del Sol Difference

After becoming familiar with our program by visiting our menu links, we invite you to come see and feel the del Sol difference by scheduling a preschool or elementary tour at their respective Admissions pages (see menu links).

Our regularly scheduled series of tours for 2018-2019 school year has concluded, but you may request a tour for possible remaining spaces in both our preschool and elementary programs with a start date of January 2019 at 310-376-1223 or