since 1982


Having been at del Sol has made me a better parent and has fostered a tremendous growth in our children that could not have been achieved anywhere else but del Sol. I wish this model could be implemented for all schools in the country."

-del Sol Father

del Sol’s program IS

based on the assumption that children are important people; that children have a right to be nurtured by teachers who honor them for who they are — unique, creative individuals, rich in being & potential, capable & powerful, loving & giving, possessing a natural sense of wonder, curiosity, desire, excitement, and joy in living & learning.

This Site is under construction

to reflect a re-organization of student population beginning fall 2019, targeting children ages 2.5 - 6 yrs with partial and full day Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs -- the same high-quality, developmentally appropriate Best Practices offered since 1982. Elementary program will end June 2019.

A Curriculum that Promotes Growth

We know, from our own experience and from child development theorists, that children are impelled to learn -- most effectively by doing and reflecting upon it. Knowledge is not something that is given to children, but is actually constructed by the individual child through playful and purposeful interactions.

Come feel the del Sol Difference

After becoming familiar with our program for children ages 2.5 - 6, Preschool - Kindergarten, by visiting our menu links, we invite you to come see and feel the del Sol difference by scheduling a live tour. See our Admissions page for reserving your tour date. We look forward to meeting you.