Elementary School Admissions

Applying to del Sol at the elementary school level is a multi-step process:

School Tour & Overview

Parents attend a 2 hour introductory orientation to del Sol's constructivist, project-based, social-moral philosophy of education and curriculum. This tour is for adults only.

Parent Observations of the School Day

We ask that you observe an entire morning, 8:00 to noon, so that you may see the flow of the day and visit all classrooms.

Receive Enrollment Application Packet

This packet contains an application and further reading which introduces important elements of the home-school partnership.

Submit Application

  1. An interview will be arranged with your child’s current/former teacher(s), if applicable.
  2. Child observation

Enrollment Interview

Parents, administration, and classroom teacher meet to discuss any remaining questions based on visits and readings. Your active investigation of dS through your visits and readings will help you determine your compatibility with dS’s philosophy and your desire to enter an active partnership with dS and your family.

Decision for Enrollment

Enrollment decisions are made based on available positions, dS’s ability to meet your child’s needs, and compatibility between dS and your family.

Tuition & Fees

school year Is from mid-September through mid-June

Annual Tuition for 5-12 year olds: $19,841. Annual tuition is payable in two, three, or eight installments starting in April and ending in December.

Application Fee for a family with one child applying is $150; each additional child is $100.

Family Initial Registration Fee is a one-time fee: $500.

Annual Insurance, Use, and Materials Fee is $750 per child.

Annual Parent Involvement Deposit: Parents may earn back all or a portion of the $400 paid into this account through parent service to specific classroom teachers or school administration.

Multiple-child Discounts are found in the Application Fee, Registration Fee, and Parent Involvement Deposit amounting to a total of $950.