Frequently Asked Questions

What's rowing all about?

Rowing is an exciting, recreational activity and competitive sport involving skill, teamwork, strength, and endurance. To learn more about rowing, go to

What about safety - i.e. Will the boat flip over?

Although Crew is a water sport with some inherent dangers; safety is the club's top priority. First and foremost, the coaches emphasize boat safety and the proper use of all equipment. Our coaches are trained for emergency situations. All boats with novice rowers are supervised by coaches in motor launches. Although rowers and coxswains do not wear personal flotation devices, each coach’s launch carries enough of them for all of the rowers they are supervising.

We do insist that all members and guests are able to swim before getting on the river.

What fitness level do I need to row and do I need to be a specific physical type to row?

DRRC provides opportunities for people with a wide range of athletic abilities. If you are willing to work and are able to swim, you can become a rower. Anyone can develop the endurance and strength to row through regular training. Coaches, and other experienced members teach discipline, skills, and teamwork.

I’ve never rowed before, can I do this?

Yes. Most rowers who row with us have no previous rowing experience.

Are there any height or weight requirements for rowers and coxswains?

Not really. There are some physical limitations to the size and weight of the rowers that can physically fit in a rowing shell, we have had rowers of all different shapes and sizes become successful rowers. Although height can be an advantage for rowers, strength and endurance are more important.

Coxswains are usually small and light. The best coxswains are smart, light, verbal, and confident. We are always looking for Coxswains!

What should I wear?

General rule of thumb is nothing too baggy. A rower’s clothing is similar to that of a cyclist or runner. Tights and spandex are ideal. But shorts, sweats, or comfortable pants are fine. Pants should not be too baggy as they could get caught in the movable seat tracks. Layering is good for the colder months. And don’t forget a hat and/or a good pair of sunglasses for sunny weather.

What kind of shoes do I need?

You don’t need shoes for rowing, only warm socks. The boat has built-in clogs or shoes for your feet. Wear a pair of loose shoes that are easy to take on and off on the dock.

What kind of boats do you row?

DRRC is primarily a "small boat" club. We row everything from Singles (one rower) to 4+'s (four rowers and a coxswain).

What should I expect?

If at all possible, we will do our very best to put you into a rowing shell on your first day! Depending on your experience you will be in a boat with 2 or 3 other experienced rowers and you will have a chance to learn in a safe and secure environment. You will receive direct instruction from our coaches - so an open mind and a willingness to be coached is strongly encouraged.

When is the rowing season?

Rowing can be a full year sport. We are on the water from late spring though the beginning of November. During the winter, we move indoors and work on the ergs - see below.

How do I join the club?

We want to make sure that you enjoy rowing before you join - so we encourage prospective members to row with us a couple times before joining! Once you have decided that you are interested, visit our Join page and fill out the membership application. Member dues are currently $100 per year, with discounts for Military and students available.

Is there an attendance requirement?

No, there is not an attendance requirement, but we do encourage our members to communicate ahead of time (through our group app, or other means) so that we know who will be at each session.

Are the members competitive?

While rowing can be a competitive sport, and some of our rowers do compete in regattas (rowing races), our members are remarkably supportive and encouraging of each other. We regularly see our top competitive rowers working with our novices - teaching sculling, or working on technique. It is one of our club's defining features.

What is an ERG?

An ergometer is an indoor rowing machine - also known as the ultimate torture machine.

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