SERious Gaming, Evolved

Welcome to Serge, a browser-based wargaming capability.  

What's it for?

Serge is for hosting multi-force, multi-player wargames, with a focus on Command and Control (C2).  

How does it do it?

A Game Designer creates a new wargame, then populates it with forces and roles (players) within those forces.  Channels (aka chat-rooms) are also created for the wargame, with forces and roles assigned to those channels.  In some channels, the Game Designer indicates that some roles use form-based messages that are able to contain complex data.

A Game Controller then initiates the wargame, and players are able to join.  Within the wargame the Game Controller uses turn controls to advance the wargame, with the game-play happening through the transmission of messages in channels.

How to I get it?

The Serge application is hosted from this GitHub repository:

Just jump into the Releases page and get an executable for your operating system.

Pah, download it? Too much trouble. I want it now.

You can find a hosted instance of the wargame server online. You can access the admin page [here] and the player page [here]

Yes, the Admin page requires a password.  Tell you the password? Hell no, that's secret.  Just get in touch via the contact form below...

How can I learn more?

Have a read of the Introduction page.

Just fill in the form below.