I am so excited to begin another amazing school year with your awesome students!

My classroom is always open to you and I strongly believe we are a team and must collaborate together in order to ensure your child's success this school year!

Please feel free to reach out to me by email any time!

Mission Statement : Pine Lane empowers excellence in character, achievement, and contribution to a better world.


Reading - We have small reading groups and your child will be placed appropriately after careful on-going assessments. We instruct in the areas of phonemics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension and accuracy (word decoding). I encourage children to find time to read at home !

Writing - We use "Write from the Beginning" writing curriculum. The program encourages the use of thinking maps to process and organize during the writing process. I use the writing workshop model which includes a mini-lesson, independent writing time and sharing time. We will also branch out and write fables, poems and other interesting genres. On Fridays, the students will write notes to me in a journal about their week

Math - We use Math in Focus curriculum. We will cover addition/subtraction and expand with re-grouping, fractions, multiplication and division, along with shapes, geometry, and place value.

Science - Physical Science : Matter Weather Life Science : Study of Plants and Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats Earth and Space Science: Discover why some events on Earth occur quickly; others can occur very slowly. Most of our units will be hands on and interactive !

Social Studies - Civics, geography, economics, and history

Classroom Management

We expect students at Pine Lane to model PL3 while at school by showing respect, responsibility, and safety. If the situation cannot be handled in the classroom between the teacher and student, a PL3 form will be filled out and submitted to the office. I will use email or a phone call to inform you of any behavior concerns. We use crew time in the morning to discuss positive and negative behavior and the effect it has on others as well as ourselves. I do use various reward systems created in the classroom by the students as a collaborative effort with me and they are usually very effective.


We love celebrating your child's birthday in class ! Feel free to communicate with me what you would like to do, if anything, certainly not required! Options that don't include food are small dollar store treats such as pencils, trinkets, etc. Please just give me notice so if we have more than 1 - we can plan accordingly. If you would like to send invites, please have your students give them to me to be discreet if they are not to the entire class.

Thursday Folders

Every Thursday, your child will bring home a folder provided by the school. It will contain flyers from school, PTO info, class information, graded work etc. Please go through this every week and send back the empty folder the following day.


Your child will have a homework journal this year. Every Thursday they will bring home their journal. Their homework will be in their journal along with their spelling list for the week. They should be reading 50 minutes at home per week ( about a min of 10 min per night), answering / writing a response to reading and studying spelling. Spelling tests will be on Wednesdays.


We always encourage volunteers in the classroom. I will send out emails that ask for specific events, in addition, I will need a Thursday folder person.


Toys are not allowed at school. They get lost , stolen, or broken. I will ask them to put them in their backpacks and not to bring them back. If we chose to have a show and tell, I will let you know by email.


If their is a change to your child's normal schedule - please advise the office so that they can advise me , I don't check emails often during the day. If their is a permanent change just let me know so I can update the records for end of day. If school is called for weather etc. , you will be notified and will be required to pick up and sign out your child in the classroom.


We have the opportunity to have 2 healthy snacks that you will provide your student, during the day. In addition, please send in a water bottle with only water in it. I do have some snacks that I purchase, in the classroom, as I do not want them to go without, but - it cannot be re-occuring - Thanks !

Pine Lane empowers excellence in character, achievement, and contribution to a better world.