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 Important Dates

August 5- Meet The Teacher from 3-4 or 4-5

August 7- First Day of School

August 16- Back to School Carnival

August 20- Picture Day

*Homework packets are given Monday and due the following Monday* 

Mrs. Lansville's Updates:

The students in Mrs. Lansville's homeroom are reading the class novel, The Cay by Theodore Taylor.  Students continue to work on writing detailed responses.  They will write a response using three articles on whether  Chocolate Milk Should Be Served in School Cafeterias.  

 We are working on the vocabulary and nonfiction program, Wordly Wise.  

The students in Mrs. Mozelewski's class are reading the class novel, Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls.  We are having great class discussions and learning about an author who is excellent at his craft. 

We are working on the vocabulary and nonfiction program, Wordly Wise.

Each student in Mrs. Dinkel's homeroom has selected an independent novel about a person dealing with a challenge. We are working on writing detailed written responses that include evidence from the text.  

We are working on the vocabulary and nonfiction program, Wordly Wise.  

Students should be reading for at least 20 minutes a night.  

Geography - The students will take their Europe test on Friday, January 26th. 

We will then begin learning the location of the countries of Asia.  

Mrs. Dinkel's Updates

Mrs. Dinkel's Updates

We will be working on reviewing 5th grade math topics for the remainder of the year. :)

I encourage you to help your child practice their multiplication facts.

Mrs. Dinkel's Updates

Mrs. Mozelewski's Updates 

Social Studies: This week we started learning about the 13 colonies. We have learned about the Roanoke colony and the Jamestown colony. Next week we will break the colonies down into sections starting with the southern colonies, then we will move to the middle colonies, and we will end with the New England colonies. 

Science: We have been working on our first science unit, classifying matter. This week we have been working on stations to complete different activities that have to do with classifying matter. Next week we will have a test over classifying matter and move on to conservation of mass and chemical reactions.