Classroom Updates: 




Math Resources

Linked below are helpful resources that corresponds to our math curriculum. This includes practice problems, as well as Visual Learning videos to show how to solve problems. 

Current Unit: 

Topic 8 - Apply Understanding of Multiplication to Multiply Fractions

Upcoming Units: 

Topic 9 - Apply Understanding of Division to Divide Fractions

Topic 4 - Use Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals 

Topic 6 - Use Models and Strategies to Divide Decimals 

Topic 16 - Geometric Measurement: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures 

Completed Units: 

Topic 1 - Understand Place Value

Topic 3 - Fluently Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 

Topic 5 - Use Models and Strategies to Divide Whole Numbers

Topic 7 - Use Equivalent Fractions to Add and Subtract Fractions

Topic 2 - Use Models and Strategies to Add and Subtract Decimals