The Health Fair: It Takes Two

All specials Music, P.E., Health, and Art participated in planning for this event. Students learned how using the whole brain makes us wiser.

Please make a note on your calendars:

Northeast PBL Showcase is on

March 10, 5:15 - 6:30 pm

PBL: Colorful Colorado

Students will be working in their small groups to identify problems facing their selected state/national parks.

Monday, Mar. 9, - Art

Read-A-Thon Spirit Wear: Wear a fun hat or bow tie

Tuesday, Mar. 10, - Music

PBL Showcase night 5:15-6:15Read-A-Thon Spirit Wear:Wear a shirt that others can read

Wednesday, Mar. 11, - P.E., PBL Studio

Read-A-Thon Spirit Wear:Wear your favorite vacation shirt or sports jersey

Thursday, Mar. 12, - Health & Wellness

Read-A-Thon Spirit Wear:Crazy Socks

Friday, Mar. 13 , - Art

Read-A-Thon Spirit Wear:Wear PJ's and cozy up with a good book


For the week ending March 6:

In math, we are working on Topic 8 - Fractions

  • We had more time to research details about our selected parks and to identify information that we still needed before isolating the biggest problems the parks are facing.
  • The Specials Teachers have the students in groups to work on focus areas for the It Takes Two PBL and the Health Fair was a delightful success.
  • In writing, we worked on topic sentences, prepositions, and adding details.
  • We finished our read aloud book titled Restart by G. Korman.

Important Upcoming Events

PBL Showcase - all three grades will be presenting their projects on

Mar. 10th, 4th grade is 5:15-6:15

*Spring Break, March 16 - 20

CMAS begins March 24th - please see schedule below