Working on writing our PBL Reflections and creating PBL Safety posters.

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PBL: Colorful Colorado

During our PBL time last week we worked on written responses for Night at the Museum and creating Safety Posters focusing on Natural Disasters.

Monday, Feb. 10- P.E.

Tuesday, Feb. 11 - Health & Wellness

Wednesday, Feb. 12 - Art

Thursday, Feb. 13, Music

Valentine's Day Celebration at about 3:00



For the week ending FEBRUARY 7TH:

The week was directly impacted by the snowy, Colorado winter weather!

We worked on division in Topic 5 of math and completed a review. The test was scheduled for Friday but it will be on Monday.

  • We watched a RMPBS video about National Parks and the groups decided what state park they wanted to learn more about for their research and project.
  • The Specials Teachers kicked off their spring PBL. The kids are working in focus groups. Be sure to ask them more about it!
  • Students continued working on their reflections about the PBL Night at the Museum and incorporated transitions and using strong details in their writing that we have been working on in class.
  • We are getting to know a lot about Chase Ambrose in our read aloud book titled Restart by G. Korman.

Important Upcoming Events

*No school on Friday, February 14, 2020

Professional Development

*No school on Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidents' Day