Week of April 22, 2024                  Stickney’s 5th grade Newsletter 

Hello from 5th grade! 

Spring is here and a time for new renewal. Trees are budding, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the Colorado weather never ceases to surprise us. With this in mind, please be sure that your kiddo comes to school adequately prepared for outdoor recess. Many kiddos are not bringing jackets. If we do have outdoor recess—they may be COLD. :(

Progress Monitoring Student Reading

This week, the kids have had the opportunity to read aloud to me for their timed reading assessment. This gives me an idea of what their next steps are in their reading fluency, pace, syntax and tone. 

Next week, the kids will take their final iReady- Reading Diagnostic for 5th grade school year. After this assessment, I can then share their growth over the course of 5th grade with you! Essentially, the iReady is focused on reading comprehension, while also indicating their grade level reading ability. I am confident all of the kids have improved their reading skills.

Social Studies

This past week, we pivoted from learning about Economics/Young Ameritowne, and instead shifted our focus toward learning about the 13 Original Colonies. So far, we have covered the initial main colonies in America, and the southern colonies. Next week, we will focus on the northern colonies. 

In our recent Explorer Unit, the students were given a specific world explorer to learn about. Magellan, Cortez, Cabot and Hudson, to name a few! The initial material provided a nice baseline of information. From there, they partnered with another classmate to dive deeper into the explorers' particular challenges and accomplishments. Their individual reports, as well as a little artwork are currently posted in our hallways with pride. We invite you to view the reports, on your next visit to school, or wait a few weeks for the final project to come home. They did a nice job, and honed their ability to write at length, using factual information. 


Our math classes recently took their post-assessment on the Coordinate Plane. The kids showed exceptional growth between the pre and post tests! These results will also be coming home for your review, in their Thursday folder. Please look for the Pink (Pre-test)  and their Blue (Post- Test). 

Eagle Ridge Auction- Coming up soon!

Please consider coming to the Eagle Ridge Auction on Friday, May 3rd. This is a time to continue developing a sense of community here at Eagle Ridge with all of our wonderful parents, and the ERE staff. Hope to see you there!

Keke Stickney, M.Ed.

5th Grade Teacher

Eagle Ridge Elementary School

7716 Timberline Rd, Lone Tree, CO 80124

School Office Phone: 303-387-7075