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 The DLMC houses a multi-functional resource power hub that empowers DCSD to support K-12 instruction. 

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Novel Sets

Science and Health Education

Attention, innovative educators, and fearless explorers of knowledge! Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey into the captivating realms of science and discovery with Science WOW Kits. Our mission? To ignite the flames of curiosity within the hearts of your students and empower them to become the trailblazers of tomorrow's scientific frontiers.  The DLMC offers kits for grades K-6 with materials to run exploration stages of the Scopes, as well as provide additional extensions to fuel the curiosity of young minds.  

 New Health Kits:  Hygiene, Stress Management, Nutrition and  Body Systems.  Bring the curiosity of the internal human body to life with health education models for classroom use. We offer plastic replicas of internal organs, interactive heart pumping kits, a life-size human skeleton, and much more.  (Search "Health" in the catalog). 

Most items can be shipped directly to your school via the warehouse delivery system. 

Example of Mexico Culture Kit

Culture Kits and History Trunks

Offering more than 50 culture kits with tangible artifacts from different countries, or historical time periods. No two kits are identical and offer students the experience to immerse themselves in cultures worldwide.

Use the keyword "culture kit" or "history trunk".

Social-Emotional Learning Kits

Check out one of our SEL kits to use with your students.  Our kits come with books, games, and hands-on resources to use with your students.  We have a K-5, Middle School, and High School kit available for circulation.  Search for social emotional learning kit in Destiny from the DLMC to reserve one. Search SEL Kit

Digital STARLAB Dome

Teach astronomy, earth science, mythology and more in this interactive and exciting dome-shaped planetarium. Starlab offers a wide range of teaching resources to support effective astronomy and earth science education in your classroom.  The dome measures 10.5' in height, 16' diameter, with an estimated capacity of 25.  You will need a 20' x 20' space with 11' of vertical clearance to operate the dome. 

**The STARLAB must be picked up at the District Library Media Center as it can not be transported via the warehouse delivery trucks. In addition, there are two mandatory trainings that must be completed before checking out the StarLab.  There is an online class in Canvas, Digital StarLab Blended Course and an in person training held at various times.

Once both trainings are complete please email to reserve the StarLab


Engage students of all ages to combine science, math, and technology with hands-on fun to unleash creativity inside of the classroom! 

**All robotics need to be picked up at the District Library Media Center and may not be transported via the warehouse delivery trucks.**

Use the keyword "Makerspace".

Detailed List of what we have and how you can use them with your students. (We are still in the progress of adding to the list)

Giant Map of Colorado and Colorado History Trunks

Dive into the state of Colorado with our oversized vinyl floor map with our brand new map from National Geographics! It measures 14 x 21 feet to allow the students to get INTO Colorado, so please no shoes ~ socked feet only. 

We have seven Colorado History trunks available for check-out that have Douglas County resources along with other artifacts of our state. Our trunks themes are: daily lives, school days, mountain man, and ranch life.

 Full list of materials and manipulatives 

Colorado History Trunks

Learn how to reserve the Giant Map of Colorado! Use the keywords "Giant Traveling Map".

Sustainability Library

The Office of Sustainability has created a collection  filled with engaging tools that you can check out through the DLMC.

To enhance sustainability implementation, new items are added each year.  Materials include Weather Stations, CO2 Air Quality Readers, Kill-a-wat readers, Worm Factories and more!

Do a Call Number search for "SUS" to see all available materials.

Our Creative Space

MakerSpace & Production Center

Open by appointment, email us at

Updated February 2021

Unleash your creativity in our MakerSpace & Production room. Simply described, MakerSpaces are community centers with hands-on tools to design, create prototypes, and projects that are made possible in an inspiration zone rather than working alone with limited resources. The MakerSpace is a DIY environment where you can search for inspiration or be innovative in your own creation. It combines manufacturing, community and education into a unique hands-on learning experience.

MakerSpace offers several service options to support our educational leaders with a digital die-cutting machine and laminating machines. 

Other inspirational equipment that is available for use in the District Library Media Center’s MakerSpace & Production Room includes:

Our MakerSpace & Production Room combines engineering, innovation, and design to create a fairly new phenomenon in learning environments. 

Please call 303-387-0600 for more information or fill out this form to request an appoint to use the production room.

Shipping and Receiving FAQ's

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