Heritage Elementary Yearbook

Calling all Parent Photographers

The yearbook committee needs your help.  Please take a moment to look through your photos from this year and see if you have any that are yearbook worthy.  If you have any questions or are interested in helping please feel free to contact us! 

Want to join the Yearbook Committee? Have pics to share?

This year more than ever we will need parent photos to help us fill our yearbook with pictures from our strange and memorable year. If you’re interested in joining or even just uploading photos please reach out at HeritageYBC@heexplorers.org.

We can’t wait to hear from YOU!

Notable Events

Explorer Kick Off Party

Heritage Fund Run

Mother/Son Night

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Halloween Parties

Winter Parties

Parties with a Purpose

Talent Show


Battle of the Books



Student Council

Spelling Bee