WElcome To Eagle ridge Kindergarten

Let's Get Ready For School

Alphabet song

Start practicing your letter sounds with Safari Sid! Have fun!


The Kissing Hand

This is one of our favorite books to read the day before school starts. Be sure to learn how Chester gets ready to say goodbye to his mom and have a great first day at school!

First Day Jitters

Many people are feeling nervous about starting school. See how the main character is feeling and what she does when she doesn't want to go....

How to get your teacher ready

Students give tips and tricks for getting the teacher ready for the first day of school.

The Day You begin

Read how this main character becomes courageous by overcoming fears of entering a room filled with unknown classmates.

THE pigeon has to go to school

School is really fun! Learn about Pigeon's first day of school!

School is so much fun!

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Crocodile Pencil Grip

Practice holding a pencil with a good grip. Also work on writing your name. Your teacher will be so proud of you!