Colorado Technology Education Association

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The Rocky Mountain Region's Technology Education Association - bringing together technology teachers and administration from Colorado and surrounding states to share and strengthen our programs with a shared vision and common goals -

"Provide leadership and support that will produce continuous improvement and innovation in the program. Restore America's status as the leader in innovation." (ITEEA)


ITEEA Congratulations!!!

At this years ITEEA National Conference - Please congratulate:

Eric Deneault (this year's competitive events coordinator)

Ft. Hays State University TEECA - outstanding student and advisor awards

Mike DeRock who was honored at this year's conference for his 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award.

Ft. Hays State - TEECA

Outstanding Chapter - ITEEA 2021

Jerry Hoffman - Ft. Hays State - TEECA

Outstanding Student Award

Nathan Howard - Ft. Hays State - TEECA

Outstanding Advisor Award

Mike DeRock - Milliken Middle School

2019 Outstanding Teacher Award