Welcome to Mountain View Elementary and First Grade!

Mrs. Garcia is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and has lived in Colorado for about 2 years now. This is Mrs. Garcia’s first year at Mountain View Elementary, and she is eager to join the community! Christine graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, concentration in language arts, and a minor in TESOL (teaching english as a second language). She completed 3 semesters of student teaching in a kindergarten classroom and 2 semesters in a first grade classroom. Last year Christine taught kindergarten at a private school here in Douglas County.

Christine started out her college journey with the goal of becoming a veterinarian, but that goal suddenly changed when she volunteered in a first grade classroom. She is constantly blown away by all of the achievements of students in the classroom, and has pledged to become a life-long learner because of them. Christine’s passion for teaching is something that came naturally when in a classroom setting. She feels that it was no mistake that she stumbled upon this profession, and is so grateful for the opportunity to teach, learn, and grow with these amazing young minds.

Mrs. Garcia has fallen in love with Colorado, and enjoys exploring with her husband Nicholas. Christine and Nicholas met over 10 years ago in their high school marching band. They enjoy hiking, gaming, traveling, and trying new things (especially new foods!). When they are home they enjoy spending time with the small zoo that they have acquired over the years, which consists of a green cheek parrot, a cattle dog, and two rambunctious ferrets. Although they both miss the amazing green chili from New Mexico, they are excited to start new adventures here in Colorado.

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