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First grade is a milestone year because the important skills that support reading and math will be developed. During this year, it will be critical that these skills are learned. According to Great Schools.org: “It is a pivotal grade in which the foundation for the rest of the primary grades is set.”

First grade is a transition year as children leave behind much of the play of preschool and kindergarten. And, they begin to develop more academic skills. Just a year ago, kindergarten was a great leap forward for your child. Children began to recognize symbols and apply them to early reading and math literacy during their kindergarten year. Now those skills and experiences will be applied and refined in first grade. Students’ learning will be centered on the core subjects. But, two subjects will become the most important: reading and math.

The development of reading, writing and math skills will be most critical in first grade. Your child will move from pre reading skills to building crucial language skills in reading, spelling and writing.