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***IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Many colleges and universities are now test optional and are waiving SAT/ACT requirements for admissions; HOWEVER, there are scholarships that still require the SAT or the ACT score as a qualification for eligibility. 

Please consider taking the SAT/ACT!

Contact the Dinwiddie High School Counseling Office for any help completing scholarship applications

Shaun Winbush - swinbush@dcpsnet.org - (804) 469-4280

School Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator

Please utilize this form to confirm any academic, athletic or needs-based scholarship you have been awarded. 

Scholarships that are offered to students in our area. That could mean specifically Dinwiddie students or more a little more broadly as in only the students in the state of Virginia. These scholarships have a smaller applicant pool, so you are much more likely to be awarded it if you meet the criteria. Local community members in Dinwiddie review these applications, so be sure to take your time with these and don't leave out any information that they ask for.

Scholarships that are offered to students nationwide. The applicant pool is very large, so it is a little harder to win one of these. It is a good idea to apply to as many as these as possible, but don't spend TOO much time perfecting each application and essay. Try to write one essay that can be applicable to multiple, so that you do not burn yourself out applying to these ones.

The list of websites I made that help find scholarships for you. Many of them ask you to create a profile, and based on the information that you provide it will match scholarships that have criteria that match your profile. Note: many of the scholarships that they match you with typically are national scholarships.

Scholarships that are offered to students nationwide who are involved in JROTC

Goal: Earn an opportunity to commission and serve as a military officer after graduation

Note: All scholarships and contracts carry a service commitment (find out more information at the links listed)

A few pointers that you want to keep in mind while applying for scholarships.

This is an example of a scholarship list to keep you organized when you are applying to multiple scholarships. I recommend spending some time just searching for scholarships, organizing all the information and deadlines, and prioritizing the scholarships that have earlier deadlines. You can make a copy of my example and use the template as your own.

The financial aid programs that the state of Virginia offers to its college students. Many of them are need based aid programs, and they all require the FAFSA to be completed in order to become eligible. These typically issued as "grants", which are not required to be paid back. 

You can see the colleges and universities coming to DHS, and you can fill out the form to sign up to attend the rep visit.

Announcements, deadlines, and opportunities offered through the DHS Counseling Department. Check back frequently as it is updated weekly.