Dayton Technology Department

The mission of the Technology Department is to provide the best secure, innovative learning and technological experience for our Teachers, Students, Administrators, and Staff.

District Technology Staff

Casey Woods
District Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator

Billy Burns
District Desktop Technician

Kentucky State Laws - House Bill 232 and House Bill 5

Student Information in the “Cloud”

“When something online is free, the user isn’t the customer—the user is the product.”

                                 --often used paraphrase of quote from “Television Delivers People” (1973)

Kentucky state law requires districts to have procedures in place to ensure the privacy and security of student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored in Internet-enabled services (the “cloud”) and to ensure that those cloud-based services themselves have their own privacy and security policies and that they do not sell student information for use by others.

With that in mind:

Cloud-services Whose Sites Meet All Legal Requirements (These sites are OK for you to upload PII if needed) - This list may grow as resources are added in the classrooms by teachers and/or administrators. 

District AUP and Policy Changes Regarding Technology



And Don’t Forget:                                         


Access to Electronic Media - (future) One to One project / eMail / Internet / Responsibly
Access to Electronic Media - (current) E-Mail/Internet and Acceptable Use
Dayton Middle/High School - AUP Form and Guidelines
Lincoln Elementary - AUP Form and Guidelines

Internet Safety Resources

ConnectSafely - Parents Guides to Social Media, CyberBullying, Student Data Privacy, and more