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The mission of the Technology Department is to provide the best learning and technological experience for our customers - our Administrators, Staff, Teachers and Students.

District Technology Staff

Casey Woods
District Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator

Billy Burns
District Desktop Technician

Joe (JoJo) McGuire
Student Desktop Technician

Kentucky State Laws - House Bill 232 and House Bill 5

Student Information in the “Cloud”

“When something online is free, the user isn’t the customer—the user is the product.”

--often used paraphrase of quote from “Television Delivers People” (1973)

Kentucky state law requires districts to have procedures in place to ensure the privacy and security of student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored in Internet-enabled services (the “cloud”) and to ensure that those cloud-based services themselves have their own privacy and security policies and that they do not sell student information for use by others.

With that in mind:

  1. When loading information into a cloud-based service, ask yourself, Is it necessary? Is there a benefit to having the information in the cloud?

  2. If the answer is yes, please refer to the lists below for how PII should be handled for commonly-used websites. (Please note that the list is not a district endorsement of any of these sites—this is just a comprehensive list of the sites that have been used in the past in the district and which store PII).

  3. If a website you plan to load PII into is NOT on this list, stop! Contact the district technology department for help.

Cloud-services Whose Sites Meet All Legal Requirements (These sites are OK for you to upload PII if needed) - This list may grow as resources are added in the classrooms by teachers and/or administrators.

  • AIMSweb

  • (ILP)

  • Class DoJo

  • Compass Odyssey/Hybridge

  • COR Preschool Assessment

  • ELLevation


  • FitnessGram

  • Follett Destiny

  • GoNoodle

  • Google Apps for Education (district-provided only)

  • Gradecam

  • Infinite Campus


  • KEDS Preschool Data


  • Lunchbox (Heartland Apps)

  • MobyMax

  • MYON

  • NWEA (MAP testing)

  • Office 365



  • Renaissance Learning

  • Scientific Learning

  • Study Dog

  • Sumdog

  • TenMarks




  • vSoft vRaptor

  • WIDA

District AUP and Policy Changes Regarding Technology


  • Adults should not themselves upload student Personally Identifiable Information into any cloud-based software system without written permission from the Superintendent or his designee.

  • Employees should use discretion when accessing and potentially making electronic and/or paper copies of sensitive data. This includes storing Personally Identifiable Information on personal or school-issued mobile devices.


  • Due to privacy concerns, and except for emergency situations, personally owned recording devices are not to be used to create video or audio recordings or to take pictures while on duty or working with students except with prior permission from the Principal/designee or immediate supervisor.

  • There is a policy for certified staff, classified staff, and students.

And Don’t Forget:

  • Students and employees of the District are prohibited from using District resources to establish and/or access Internet Email accounts through third party providers. Only Kentucky Education Technology Systems Email can be used. Do not use personal email for work, and do not send email to students’ personal email addresses.


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Internet Safety Resources

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