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Hello Families,

In order to provide students the opportunity to learn when school is not in session, Dartmouth Public Schools has created an extended learning site which contains suggested resources and activities for students to continue learning at home.

One important entry point into learning is reading. Reading books from home, the library, or material online is a great way to expand one’s knowledge. Take advantage of free digital library books available using Sora. In addition, elementary students benefit from books being read to them. Reading picture books or chapter books together is another great way to learn when school is not in session.

When school is not in session, please encourage your child to read, talk about what they are reading and explore the resources on this site .

Fun Learning for All --- Explore a new passion!




Math, Science, Social Studies by Grade Level and Photography Courses

Easy Science Experiments for all ages that can be done at home!

Math, Science, Social Studies by Grade Level and Photography Courses

If your child does not have a Freckle account, you may create an account "As A Teacher" and no code is needed.

Khan Academy

A place to learn anything!

Kindness Resources

Fun hands on Science lesson for learning together at home including lesson on COVID-19

Gardening Projects & Crafts

Math Knowledge Lessons On The Go

Girl Scouts at Home

Harry Potter at Home

Get Moving!

Take a Mindful Walk

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Reading for ALL!

Take advantage of our public libraries and digital downloads!

Dartmouth Libraries have a plethora of digital resources available to download to any device or computer.

If you do not have a library card, MA residents can sign up for an e-card through the Boston Public Library (BPL). An e-card provides access to all of their digital and streaming content without ever needing to get a physical library card.

If you need support setting up an account please contact DHS Library Media Specialist, Emily Goodwin emilygoodwin@dartmouthschools.org, or Laura Gardner, DMS Library Media Specialist lauragardner@dartmouthschools.org.

Virtual Field Trips

Museum Tours

San Diego Zoo

Panda Cam

National Zoo Webcams

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

Polar Bear Cam

Virtually Tour National Parks

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Virtual Tour of the White House

Dartmouth 14.0 Challenges for week starting Monday, March 30th

Monday: Build a Bridge!

This can be inside or outside. You can start inside today. Use Legos, books, plastic cups, your couch and pillows! Please post your photo along with your child’s name, grade and school. Please also write Bridge Challenge to help us locate your entry. Have your kids answer the following questions:

1. What materials did you use to make your Bridge?

2. What makes it a Bridge?

3. What kind of bridge did you make?

4. Who would you like to see your Bridge?

Either before or after your kids are building extend the activity by talking about the different types of bridges. Some enrichment ideas are below. Maybe even co sided going for a drive to Portsmouth, Newport, etc and checking out some bridges- trying to name the different types (good if you are stir crazy)!

Tuesday - Design a flag for the town of Dartmouth.

Your flag should have 4 symbols and the color should have meaning.

  • Please tell us what the color of your flag means

  • Explain what each of the 4 symbols on your flag mean.

Fun extensions activity- Stack the states and/or stack the countries. My kids loved this game but the hardest part is always identifying the state flags.


Wednesday - Make your own game or version of a game- indoor or outdoor!

List the rules, make the pieces or board. This can be the craziest hopscotch course ever!, soccer croquet, silly egg in a cup challenges or your own board game!


1. What is your game?

2. What are the rules?

3. Who would you like to play your game if they could (maybe you can share it?)

Thursday - Make a kite of airplane (paper works).

Fly it. Maybe even have a paper airplane contest on line with your friends- who got their plane to fly the furthest (enrichment plans attached to lesson).

Friday- A CHANGE!

We are putting the time capsule on hold. NOW- Make your pet or stuffed animal into a SUPERHERO! Tell us about the Superhero- what powers does he/ she have? What adventures do they go on? (Note- only if your pet is a willing participant!)

Parents, note- Each day the challenge will have extension activities posted below including links to videos, games. Students should complete the short questions that accompany these challenges. Parents, please share your student responses and photos of their completed challenge along with your student’s name, age/ grade and school. Thank you!

Please note,

During the closing of school due to Covid-19 no new graded assignments will be given; however, all students are encouraged to remain active learners during this time off. Students are encouraged to read and engage in other learning activities of interest to them.