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Elementary schools are joyful places that are centered around students where all staff work together to challenge and support learners academically, emotionally and socially. Faculty members work to engage families and community stakeholders in opportunities that support the school’s central goal and vision.

Curriculum and instruction promotes academic excellence and that is innovative, rigorous and relevant, while promoting curiosity and connections about the world at large.

Social and Emotional Learning is as important as academic learning; schools emphasize a sense of belonging for students, staff and families.  Kindness, empathy, integrity, and care are the foundation of all that we do in schools.

Students require differentiated and personalized opportunities in school to thrive as individuals. Emphasis is placed on habits of mind;  such as, persistence, flexibility, questioning, and metacognition, to  share a growth- mindset, in that our “work” is never done; there are always opportunity to grow.

Learning environments encourage active involvement with critical and creative thinking, problem solving and applying learning in meaningful and authentic ways across all areas to support student success. 

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