Dansville Primary School Library

We read. We think. We grow.

Welcome to the Dansville Primary School Library!

In our library, we live by the motto:

We read. We think. We grow.

My goals as the Primary School Teacher Librarian:

*My number one goal is to promote and foster a love of reading in your child. I will encourage your child to explore, ask questions, and discover.

*I will also be showing students the purpose of the library, how to navigate the library, how to find books of interest, and how to take care of books!

*By working closely with classroom teachers I will be helping to implement technology into lessons, guide the research process for students, and to provide support in their curriculum in any way that I can.

*The library today is an Inquiry Lab; a place to go to wonder about the world and make discoveries. For this reason I will be creating and implementing a Tinker Space: a place for students to use their hands, think critically, work together toward common goals, and create! There is more information on this under the Mrs. Rinker's Tinker Space tab!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I am so excited for this new adventure and can't wait to work with and grow from your child and you!


Mrs. Janelle K. Rinker

Dansville Primary School Librarian

585.335.4040 ext 2156

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