The Alternative Center

for Excellence


26 Locust Avenue

Danbury, CT 06810

(203) 797- 4762

Principal - John Webber

(203) 797- 4786

Announcements & Special Events

Check out our after school clubs from 1:45pm -3:00pm:

  • Wednesdays
        • Music Club w/ Kyle and DJ
  • Thursdays
        • Art Club w/ Melissa
        • Design & Create w/ DJ and Kyle
        • Healthy AF (Ace Fitness) w/ Daniella and Laura

There is no transportation provided for after school programs at ACE, students must arrange transportation. ACE students are also entitled to participate in after school programs and activities at Danbury High school as long as they meet any eligibility requirements of the activity.

The school apparel store is closed, items will be in school before spring break. Keep an eye out in June for a summer apparel sale!

Calendar & important dates

April 5: End of the Quarter 1/ Semester 2

April 6: Early Childhood and Summer Learning Fair @ Sports Dome 10am -1pm

April 10: Duckpin Bowling

April 15-19: Spring Break- No School

May 4: Clean City Danbury

May 16: Long Wharf Theatre trip

June 6: Annual Coffee House

Check and subscribe to our calendar for events and details

Community Events


At the Alternative Center for Excellence, a high school of choice, students develop intellectual, social, emotional, and personal skills necessary for success in a 21st Century global society.


At the Alternative Center for Excellence, we educate, empower, and engage students every day.