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Mrs. Middleton's Social Studies Class

6th and 7th Grade- Room 132

Mark Your Calendar:

  • 10/1 - 10/31 Socktober!!! Student Council is collecting socks all month---Bring in new socks for the homeless
  • 10/4 Crazy Sock Day!!
  • 10/18 1st Quarter Ends
  • 10/21 2nd Quarter Begins

What did we do today? (Daily Lessons): Week of 10/14/19

6th Grade

Monday: No School

Tuesday: We reviewed for topic 3 test tomorrow (Egypt and Kush). We started our CSI investigation: Was King Tut murdered. Packet is due Friday! HW---study for test tomorrow (study guide and/or quizlet)

Wednesday: We took the topic 3 test- Egypt and Kush. HW- CSI packet due Fri!

Thursday: We did worksheet on Text Features of topic 3. Turn in for a grade asap.

Friday: We did Second-Step lesson- Grow Your Brain. We worked on map skills worksheet

7th Grade

Monday: No School

Tuesday: We passed back chapter 5 test and evaluated and went over answers as a class. Students were given note packet for chapter 6 (white). We filled in page 1 together and 2nd page has to be done tonight (chapter 6-2 reading). Reminder that Extra Credit packet is due no later than Friday!

Wednesday: We went over answers to 6-2 packet from last night's homework. That means homework was a completion assignment and those who didn't have it done can not make it up. Reminder Extra Credit packet on Ben Franklin is due Friday!

Thursday: We started reading and taking notes on chapter 6-3 together. Then we watched a Discovery video on the Causes of the Rev. War. REMEMBER: EXTRA CREDIT BEN FRANKLIN PACKETS DUE TOMORROW---NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Friday: We finished chapter 6-3 and we did Second Step lesson on Making Mistakes and Challenging Yourself.