Together, We Attack

Welcome to the Hester Junior High School Athletic website!

The athletic mission of Hester Junior High is to provide our students with the best possible experience. Our coaches put an emphasis on the importance of sportsmanship, team work, balancing school and extra-curricular activities, building athletic skills, and learning how to play the game. Please review the Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct below so that you may do your part in providing a positive experience for our student-athletes. It is our expectation that when you participate in our athletic events you hold yourself to these standards.


Adam Bulfer

Assistant Principal

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

The Leyden–Norwood Athletic Conference and its member schools believe that sportsmanship is a core value and its promotion and practice are essential. This code of conduct applies to all parents/spectators involved in interscholastic activities.

1. Parents/Spectators will promote academics and the emotional, physical and moral well-being of the student participants above the desires and pressures to win.

2. Parents/Spectators will teach, enforce, advocate, model and promote the development of good sportsmanship and character to include: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

3. Parents/Spectators will respect participants, officials, opponents, and all others associated with the event.

4. Parents/Spectators will promote fair play and uphold the spirit of the rules in the activity.

5. Parents/Spectators will model appropriate behavior at all times.