We believe in fostering a safe and inclusive environment where students feel valued and empowered to express themselves freely. Through a balanced approach to behavior, we aim to foster a culture of dignity by accepting, validating, and appreciating each student.

Our mission extends beyond the classroom, as we actively engage in the broader school community and beyond. We collaborate with various stakeholders to identify and implement restorative practices, resources, and opportunities that enhance the overall educational experience for each student.

Collectively we are committed to building strong relationships with students, parents, faculty, and staff to create a collaborative partnership in the educational process. We actively promote open communication, active listening, and empathy in order to understand and cultivate a sense of belonging, perseverance, and achievement for each student.

Michael Tomczak

Dean of all students (last names  A-Han)

Phone: 331-228-6016


Andrew Herrera

Dean of all students (last names  Hao-Pas)

Phone 331-228-6339


Maya Chavez

Dean of all students (last names Pat-Z)

Phone: 331-228-3087