Curricular Choirs

Curricular Choirs

Beginning Mixed Choir: Open to all freshman mixed voices and all experience levels.

Advanced Mixed Choir: Sophomore through senior mixed voices with advanced choral skills. This course is also open to beginners of all grades.

Bel Canto Choir: Audition-only group of sophomore through senior treble voices with extensive choral skills.

A Cappella Singers: Audition-only group of junior and senior mixed voices with extensive choral skills.


All choir students may elect to take their choir class as "Pass/Fail". This means that your grade in choir will NOT count towards your overall GPA if you receive a D or higher - your grade will be entered as a "P". Any "F" grade will be marked as such and count towards your GPA, but this is an extremely rare occurrence. See the FAMILY RESOURCES page to download the Pass/Fail form.