Find Books

Click HERE to access the classic Destiny Catalog or just search below! No logging in, just a way to see which books we own and if they're on our shelves or checked out.

Is there a book we don't have in the LLC that you think we should get? Let us know!

McClure's eBook Collection

ebooks may be downloaded to Chromebooks, iPads, and computers.

  1. Log onto the McClure Destiny online catalog
  2. On the left sidebar, click on "Destiny Discover"
  3. One of the tables will be titled eBooks.
  4. Search the list of eBooks for the title you are looking for
  5. Find an eBook you would like to borrow. Be sure to note that it is marked "available".
  6. To check out or read the book, you must log in.
  7. USER NAME: same as you use for logging on to your
  8. Chromebook - minus the "" - ex. fumarolom
  9. PASSWORD: same as you use for logging on to the Chromebook
  10. If you would like to immediately check out the book, click on the button "Checkout"
  11. If you would like to browse the book first, click on the "Open" button.
  12. If after reading a few pages, you decide you'd like to check the book out, click on the "Book" icon on the top right of the page (this is the book menu). You will have the option to check it out.
  13. Remember: This eBook will automatically be returned to the collection in two weeks. If you finish early, you may return the book the book the same way you checked it out - click on the "Book" icon and return the book.
  14. If you do not check the book out to yourself while you are reading it, it will be available to other students for check-out and there is a chance when you return to read it, it will be unavailable.
  15. If you have any questions, please come see Ms. Fumarolo in the LLC or email me at