University of Minnesota Health Care Deductions

Information for UEA-UMD Members

Document Date: November 24, 2020

For faculty who have elected to have health care provided by University of Minnesota:

• Insurance begins on the first day of the month following the start date or the date of your status change. • Deductions are taken from the employee’s paycheck; University and employee contributions can be found at:

• With 9-month appointments, all faculty are covered over the summer if they return to UM at the start of their new appointment.

  • o Faculty with 9/12 paychecks contribute to health insurance in their June, July, and August paychecks.

  • o Faculty with 9/9 paychecks, if they have a summer appointment, will have deductions taken from the checks received in the summer. If there are any deductions not taken due to a short summer appointment, they will be taken from the first check(s) received upon return in the fall. This deduction would be on top of the current deductions.

  • o Faculty with 9/9 paychecks will pay double the payments starting with their first check(s) received upon return in the fall to cover the costs of benefit deductions not taken during their short work break period (e.g., if the short work break includes four pay periods, the double deductions will be taken from the first four paychecks upon return in the fall).

• If a faculty member’s employment ends at the end of the school year (i.e., resignation, end of term appointment, etc.), insurance ends at the end of May. They may purchase COBRA for the months between insurance.

• If a faculty member’s employment ends AFTER the end of the school year or after the term of their appointment (i.e., resignation, end of term appointment, etc.), individuals may purchase COBRA for all the time since the end of the appointment to have continuous benefits coverage.

• If a 9/12 paycheck faculty member’s employment ends after being paid for the new fiscal year and they have not yet started their work in the new fiscal year, they must repay the university the salary they have received for the appointment they have not started. Additionally, they may purchase COBRA for continuous benefits coverage.

• If a faculty member on a 9/12 paycheck ends their employment before the final paycheck of the previous fiscal year (i.e, in June), the faculty member may receive a refund of benefit deductions. The possibility of a refund is dependent on the date employment is terminated.

• If a faculty member on a 9/9 appointment ends their employment after the start of their appointment but before they have paid for the employee costs of summer coverage, the unpaid balance will be in arrears and will remain there. UM does not bill for these deductions; however, if the employee ever returns to work at UM, the deductions would be taken then.

For specific questions and personalized information regarding your benefits upon separation from employment, please contact the OHR Contact Center at (800) 756-2363. Please be sure to inform the Contact Center representative that you are a UMD faculty member and are covered by the UEA collective bargaining agreement. Please also inform them about your work/pay schedule (e.g., 9/9, 9/12, etc.)

Disclaimer: This summary provides an overview of University policies and procedures. If there are any differences between this summary and the related policies and procedures, the policies and procedures will govern.