About Us

Cyfarthfa Park Primary School was formed in 2014 following the amalgamation of Brecon Road Infants School and Cyfarthfa Junior School. As a result, we are a primary school across two sites that supports a vast student body of over 400 pupils from Nursery to Year Six.

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Cyfarthfa Park Primary School - Infant Department

Our Infant Department is located on Norman Terrace in a historic building that has been a primary school for Merthyr Tydfil's children since 1902.

Educated on this site are our part-time Nursery pupils and full-time Infant children from Reception to Year Two.

Cyfarthfa Park Primary School - Junior Department

Our Junior Department is located within the impressive grounds of Grade I listed Cyfarthfa Castle.

Educated here are our full-time Year Three to Year Six pupils.

Thanks to our close proximity to Cyfarthfa Castle, our Key Stage Two pupils are regualr visitors to the castle's musuem and through the Summer months experience outdoor learning in the vast park.

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Our Mission

The community of Cyfarthfa Park Primary School thrives in a stimulating, caring environment with high expectations and standards where everyone is encouraged to develop their special abilities.

We aim to develop pupils' active and creative minds by developing a sense of understanding and belonging. We encourage the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. As a community we work together to achieve the following values and aims.

Our Values

Consideration, Determination, Co-operation, Fairness and Honesty.

Our Aims

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Develop pride and understanding of the Welsh language, culture and heritage

  • Encourage our children to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and how their actions affect others locally and globally

  • To welcome, support and value individuals who are part of the school

  • Maximise opportunities to prepare our children for lifelong learning

  • Ensure all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, developing the skills of: literacy, numeracy and ICT, thus enabling them to reach their full potential

  • Model our teaching and learning methods and school organisation to the needs of the pupils, not vice versa

  • Appreciate that school is one part of life's jigsaw

  • Through our school's Eco Code, provide experiences which enable our pupils to care, use and respect the school environment, local community and world at large

  • Value and respect the history and culture of our ever-growing and diverse school community

  • Develop and encourage the use of emerging technologies in all aspects of school life so that all learners gain the skills and knowlegdge needed to use technology throughout life

  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, the community and outside agencies to provide the best learning opportunities possible

Our School Prospectus

Please see below for our school prospectus, updated for this academic year.

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CPPS Digital Prospectus