Healthy Schools

At Cyfarthfa Park Primary School we work hard to develop a healthy lifestyle with our pupils.

A Healthy School promotes physical, social, emotional and mental health and helps equip the whole school community with the skills and attitudes they need to make informed decisions about their health.

The core topics that a Healthy School focuses on include: Healthy Eating, Physical Education and PSHE.

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Healthy Eating

School Lunches:

Every effort is made to provide pupils who stay for school meals with a balanced diet, and our school offers a varied menu of school lunches every day. For more information on our lunch options, please click here.

For those who choose not to eat from our canteen and prefer to bring a packed lunch to school, please see the below images for suggestions on how to provide a healthy lunchbox for your child.

Drinks and Snacks:

Pupils should bring a water bottle with them every day. Water bottles should only be filled with water; squash, fruit juices and 'pop' are not allowed. There are water stations available at bth sites for pupils to refill their bottles throughout the day.

We explain to children the effects that too many 'fizzy' drinks or drinks with additives in can have on them and their development. We have a strict 'no sweets or chewing gum' rule in the school which enforced as much for safety's sake as for the healthy diet of our pupils.

During our morning break time, pupils have the opportunity to eat fruit that they have brought with them to school. Pupils in Reception to Year 6 are encouraged to bring fruit with them to school while our Nursery pupils pay a small fee at the start of the year and fruit is provided and prepared for them daily. On our Junior Site, pupils have the opportunity to purchase their own fruit from our 'Fruit to Suit' shop established in 2011 and managed by our Year 5 pupils.

Physical Education

Children cannot be excluded from any form of P.E. or swimming without a doctor's note.

In Foundation Phase, our pupils' physical development will be continually promoted through helping them to use their bodies effectively. They will be encouraged to develop spatial awareness, balance, control and coordination. They will develop gross and fine motor skills through using a variety of large and small equipment across all areas of learning both indoors and outdoors. They will also be introduced to the concepts of health, hygiene and safety and learn the importance of diet, rest, sleep and exercise.

In addition to weekly games and physical education lessons, pupils may be selected to represent the school's football, rugby and netball teams. We aim to encourage each pupil to participate in sporting activities at an appropriate level throughout their primary school career.

We also celebrate pupil success in extracurricular activities which they carry out in their own time e.g. swimming, martial arts, dance classes, etc.


Here, children learn about themselves, their relationships with other children and dults both within and beyond the family. They are encouraged to develop their self-esteem, personal beliefs and moral values. Children are taught to value the diversity of cultures and languages that exist in a multi-cultural Wales and they will become aware of the traditions and celebrations that are important aspects of the cultures within Wales itself.