The International School

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Founder of the International School & Head Master

Dr. Paula Whittaker Watkins

Founder / CEO of The Cyber Education Center & Assistant Head Master

Virtual Learning Environments

We believe that in our increasingly global environment, the quality of success will be determined by a student's ability to understand and communicate with people from different cultures. Therefore, we are proud to acknowledge that our student body consists of children from around the world. We provide students from around the World with an United States public school education.

The International School began as the City School Of Detroit, Inc. in a storefront on Livernois Avenue in Northwest Detroit in 1968. We were the first non-graded, open classroom, private neighborhood school with a foreign language program in the United States. We have seen hundreds of children attend our school, and the one common thread has been the positive memories of time well spent and friendships never forgotten.

We have joined forces with The Cyber Education Center to provide quality education throughout the World in an cyber environment. This gives us the ability to provide students from around the globe with our world class United States global education.

The Cyber Education Center (CEC) is an innovative education delivery organization, founded by Dr. Paula Whittaker Watkins June 2012. CEC is supported by a diverse group of computing and academic professionals with a mission to provide quality world class education in an online environment. CEC develops undergraduate curriculum guidelines and a case for accreditation for educational programs in the Cyber environment.