Our Mission

The mission of The International School is to provide children with an opportunity to acquire second and third foreign language skills through an immersion program within a traditional English college preparatory curriculum. For at least six years, experienced educators (including native speakers) will instruct and guide students, as aptitude, age level, and time spent on tasks are taken into consideration.

Each year, high proficiency in all English subject matters will be substantiated through California Achievement Test results, while foreign language credits are acquired on Advanced College Placement Tests, gold medals are attained on National Spanish Examinations, and German Language Diplomas (DSD) are earned for written and verbal exams.

The strength and vitality of our School is the diversity of cultural backgrounds, talents, life experiences, and personalities of our students and faculty. One quarter of our students and their families are American citizens, and nearby half of them are non-US citizens. The remaining students come from families composed of members with more than one citizenship.

Students thrive in this lively mix of cultures, traditions and ideas. By mastering educational challenges in a multilanguage environment both in and beyond the classroom, our students acquire the skills and experience to succeed on many levels, including the formation of friendships that will last for years.

Complete the application form and return it to the school with the application fee.

The school office will schedule an interview for the child and parent with the Headmaster or Assistant Headmaster.

Students are accepted on the basis of previous school records, academic aptitude, interest in bilingual ability and an international program. The International School enrolls students from a wide variety of geographical, social and economic backgrounds.