Delta Upsilon was established on Four Founding Principles: Promotion of Friendship, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and Advancement of Justice. These are the values of the fraternity and form common bond between all brothers. While each brother's individual interpretation of these values may differ, they help bring all men of the fraternity together to strengthen the bonds we share.

Promotion of Friendship

To promote friendship is to promote the very basis of brotherhood and wellbeing. Not only does Delta Upsilon strive to provide its members with a strong and reliable circle of friends within each chapter, but also to get its members involved in the campus community and to build relationships with other chapters, university officials, and community members. All of this is done without facades, acts, or insincerity: the men of Delta Upsilon pledge themselves to be sincere in their interactions with others and to do unto others as they would have others do unto them.

Promotion of Friendship in action:

  • Chapter-wide brotherhood events where brothers come together to play games and spend time getting to know each other

  • Regular dinners with brothers either out on the town or at the chapter house or dining hall

  • Brothers regularly explore Cleveland year-round and are always willing to check out something new

  • Chapter officer and chair positions often find themselves developing close relationships with campus officials including executive VPs and the university President

  • Brothers are always welcome to bring guests to the chapter house and have the chapter get to know them

  • Brothers regularly attend other brothers' events to participate in their clubs or see them perform

The men of the chapter grab a picture with CWRU President Barbara Snyder

Development of Character

To develop one's own character isn't always easy. In fact, it can be extremely difficult. It means sometimes questioning why you value what you do and if your character is really what you want it to be or if you just think it is. It means sometimes having extremely difficult conversations with people who you trust and respect and having them tell you something that might be hard to swallow. It means admitting one's mistakes when they're made and seeking to right any wrongs. But the men of Delta Upsilon lean into this difficulty and embrace it, because we know that we'll all be better men on the other side. We actively seek out opportunities to gather feedback and improve ourselves and we create an environment where brothers can have powerful conversations in a safe and respectful way. We teach our members how to settle personal disagreements, how to appreciate others' opinions even if they're wildly different than our own, and how to identify personal areas of growth. We give our members opportunities to improve themselves and to practice ethical leadership. The ways we seek to improve ourselves are rarely easy ventures, but time and time again we find success with the support of our brothers.

Development of Character in action:

  • Semesterly chapter retreats where brothers can freely and safely express themselves and settle disagreements with other brothers through mediated discussion if needed

  • Values and Brother of the Week awards given out at chapter each week to recognize the accomplishments and growth of deserving brothers

  • Group reflection after service events so that brothers can process what they just did and the meaning of their service

  • Big Brother/Little Brother system in chapter pairs newly Initiated members with older members; Big Brothers serve as mentors to the Little Brothers and help them succeed academically while also helping them round their character and become better men

Bigs and Littles of the Fall 2018 Associate Member class

Diffusion of Liberal Culture

In Delta Upsilon's usage, "liberal" does not indicate any political affiliation. Instead, our usage of "liberal" relies on a non-politicized definition:

"Liberal: open-minded or tolerant, especially free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc." –

To diffuse liberal culture is to be of an open mind and to be appreciate the the beliefs and passions of others, even if they clash with our own. It means not only being ready to do this ourselves, but to encourage those around us to do the same for their peers. Brothers of the fraternity come from all parts of the world and all walks of life; it is each brother's responsibility to respect the differences between us and to appreciate those around them for who they are, what they believe in, and how they thrive. Our opinions may not always agree, but it is our ability and desire to hear one another out and to respectfully disagree that allows us to grow the most.

Diffusion of Liberal Culture in action:

  • Membership Development session at each chapter meeting where brothers can educate the membership on their passions and what motivates them

  • Associate Member Education curriculum allows the Associate Members to share their opinions on various topics, explore why these opinions are held, and come to appreciate the beliefs of those around them regardless of their personal level of agreement

  • Brothers commonly invite other brothers to try out some of the on-campus activities they commonly do (from RPG club to racquetball and so much in between) and many brothers become hooked on these new experiences and become invested themselves

Brother Drew Mitchell discusses his study abroad experience in Japan as a part of Membership Development

Advancement of Justice

Justice comes in many forms: social, environmental, restorative, and poetic, to name a few. Delta Upsilon pushes its members to be active members in their communities and seek opportunities to make the world a more just place. From civic engagement to serving others, we aim to make the world more righteous for everyone, not just ourselves. As our motto states, justice is the foundation of Delta Upsilon; in advancing justice we further the meaning and impact of the three other founding principles and make significant progress toward leaving a lasting impact on our society.

Advancement of Justice in action:

  • More than 40% of chapter members have completed voluntary diversity and inclusion programs like Safe Zone Training

  • The chapter regularly averages 20-30 hours of service per brother each academic year

  • A chapter brother has attended the Global Service Initiative each of the past four years

  • The chapter is a regular participant in CWRU's Saturdays of Service

  • Chapter Judicial Board members are formally trained in restorative justice practices

Not even harsh Cleveland winters can stop the men of the chapter from serving their communities