All About Yearbook at CVHS

Yearbook 2020-2021

The goal of our Yearbook last year and most years was to focus on peoples' individuality and make it as personalized as possible. Even in the midst of a pandemic, our yearbook produced the best yearbook we can that represents the CV Community, the High School and the students of Castro Valley. While Castro Valley High School is a large high school with almost 3,000 students, we hope to make the community feel just a bit closer even during a global pandemic.

The yearbook staff in 2019-2020 worked harder than ever to create a new and improved book full of memories, to look back on in the future. We have included more quotes, stories, and much more! "In RETROspect" is a tribute to more of these individual stories of students and staff on campus. We sold nearly 1,400 copies of our 63rd volume of "Palladium", before it was even complete. We also gained almost 400 new followers on our instagram! (@yearbookcvhs)

The Yearbook is one of the few activities that lasts beyond just the school year. This year is no different, we have an amazing staff putting our book together. We will be hard at work by attending sporting events, taking photos, talking with people, and telling the story of the 2020 graduating class! We can't wait to show off the fruit of our labor this coming spring!

If you are interested in adding your photos to the yearbook, please contact the Palladium Yearbook at: or We will have a link to share photos this year to be determined. :)

Here is a copy of the Yearbook Syllabus and Application, if you want to know more about what Yearbook is all about.

We also use for all our Yearbook designing and putting together our book. :)

Yearbook focuses on skills like photography, journalism, marketing and more!!

This year we have 29 wonderful students on yearbook and just a few quotes from our students on staff. Yearbook is a fantastic way for anyone 9th through 12th grade to feel apart of the CVHS community and help create a yearbook that people will remember forever!

"Join yearbook. Ms. Porter is a very good teacher and she connects with students on a more personal level. Additionally, yearbook is a fun class. You play icebreaker games sometimes, and it looks good when applying to college. It shows that you were willing to commit to a class where you were able to show your creativeness through graphic design, photography, and team building. Yearbook is like no other class, the camaraderie makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and the ability to become more active in school experiences allows you to branch out, meet new people, and have fun!"

Here's a few quotes from some of our amazing staff that were asked:

"Why did you choose Yearbook?"

"Even during a global pandemic, what have you learned from being a part of Yearbook and this year’s Yearbook Staff? "

"Any other words of wisdom you want to share with future Yearbook Staff members? "

Karla, senior

"I learned that even a pandemic can’t stop us. And that we’re all a big family working towards the same goal. "

Sophia, sophomore

"I have learned many teamwork and leadership skills through being a part of yearbook. Yearbook really is a team effort and I’m not always the best at deadlines but because I knew that if I didn’t turn in my work on time it would affect the rest of the yearbook that helped motivate me because I didn’t want to let the team down. "

Kat , sophomore

"I have learned honestly even though we can't see each other face to face we can still connect and get to know each other.(this is the only class that I have been able to get to know the people in it) "

Aidan, sophomore

"Even being in a global pandemic the 2020-2021 Yearbook class has taught me no matter the circumstances we can always find a way to uphold our traditions and do what we love."

Jackie, senior

"It is a lot of fun to create a book people that will look back on decades from now."

“I chose yearbook because I wanted to be in a fun class while also giving me opportunities to meet and talk to new people.

In the pandemic, I learned to be more resourceful and to get more creative with what I have.

Enjoy it as it is a fun class with great people.”

Savannah, junior

Kalina, senior

"Yearbook is a fun and eventful class that allows you to make connections of a lifetime while having the opportunity to learn/use your photography and graphic design skills to publish a historic book. I chose to be in Yearbook to help make history, after all, a yearbook is a history book for an unforgettable year. The book is filled with moments and memories that our school has created. I wanted to contribute, and be an editor for such a historic piece. "

Honna, junior

"I chose yearbook because I wanted a class that would allow me to express my creativity and assisting in creating a giant memory book for the entire community to enjoy was really appealing. "

Bryan, senior

"It is always important to push for more pictures so you have a larger selection to choose from when designing pages. "

"I chose yearbook because I wanted to help record the memories of our last year at the highschool. "

Aleiah, senior

Julia, senior

"Yearbook is a great class to relieve daily stress from your other classes by having a creative output."

Jag, junior

"To future Yearbook Staff members I really just say to work hard and don't take anything for granted. To step outside your comfort zone and try things. Pick up a camera and try it, explore, and most importantly to have fun. Time flies and never take anything for granted!"

Alexia, junior

"Yearbook is one of my favorite classes and I look forward to it every week! :)"

Emily, senior

"Manage your time wisely! Be aware of deadlines and don’t do all your pages the day it’s due. Yearbook is a ton of fun when you pace yourself and give yourself time to enjoy the process. "

Isis, senior

"I chose yearbook because I took it previously in 8th grade and I loved it. I think the fact that I had it with my best friend made it so special and this year, we are in the same class again. I think it’s so cool that we are helping make a book that is a time capsule of the history of our high school career (one year at least). "

Jasmine, sophomore

"I learned that the Yearbook Staff has a lot of tasks to complete in a certain period of time. One must use their abilities and skills to turn in spreads by their due dates and to communicate with your peers about the things you are working on. "

Caroline, senior

"I chose yearbook because I have always been interested in photography and learning more about how to use computer editing programs and creating layouts. I never realized how much the yearbook is created by students before and learned how much time, planning, and work it takes to make. Don’t ever take for granted in-person school because you never know how much you’ll miss."

Nathan, sophomore

"I learned how enjoyable it was to see the events still going on despite the pandemic. "

Tony, senior

"I have learned that we can overcome all hardships and still create a fun experience."

Shaelyn, senior

"Communicate with your classmates and teacher, and help each other out. Making a great yearbook is a team effort, so talk to your team!"

Kyle, senior

"I wanted to do the yearbook one last time for last minute memories during this last year."

Mina, senior

"Be smart and don't take yearbooks lightly, do your part and you will have no worries. Also stay strong and don't give up. "

Yearbook Sales

Yearbooks Purchased thru September 4th, 2020 are $75.00 *includes free icons with personalizationYearbooks Purchased thru September 25th, 2020 are $75.00Yearbooks Purchased from September 26th through October 30th are $80.00 *last chance for personalizationYearbooks Purchased from October 31st through January 29th, 2021 are $85.00Limited yearbooks will also be sold on a First-Come-First-Serve basis in June for $90.00 *Cash only Yearbooks can be purchased at the finance office or online here: Yearbook 2019-2020

Senior Portraits

Studio One is excited to be a part of your Senior Portrait Experience. They will provide the Palladium Yearbook with your Official Senior Portrait. Appointments need to be scheduled NO LATER THAN December 30, 2021.

Please call Studio One (925) 361-0430 for an appointment. Click Here for more information.

Senior Recognition Ads

In addition to our regular coverage of school events, CVHS’ Palladium Yearbook offers a way for you to personally honor your senior and display your pride in their achievements: Senior Pages. With many sizes and styles available, there is something for every budget. Choose a standard layout or put together your own collage of photos and text.Full Page – Color$400½ Page – Color$265¼ Page – Color$1501/8 Page$85 To purchase your ad online, follow the instructions on the form below. Yearbook ad sales are managed by Jostens, so please do not contact or send materials to the school. Also, take into account our school's ad content guidelines on the bottom of this form during the creation of your online. Early bird orders are due by 10/29/2021. It's easy! Create your ad online at Choose your ad size and layout.2. Enter your text.3. Upload your photos. Important information about yearbook ads:• Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines.• We retain the right to remove any explicit text, graphic photos or copyright-protected imagery or photos.• For the ad to appear in the yearbook, your ad must be purchased by the order deadline.• Color photographs uploaded for black-and-white ads will appear in black and white.• We will make every effort to use your layout and text as indicated. A proof will not be provided and no changes can be made after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some common questions that hopefully answer your questions. If you have other questions, please email You can also call Jostens at (800) 358-0800.

How are the ad prices determined and what is the money used for?

Ad prices are determined by our school. The revenue from Recognition Ads helps support our yearbook, keep it affordable for everyone, and the more we sell can help us add new and amazing things to our Yearbook.

How is the ad deadline determined?

The ad deadline is set by our school based on the production schedule for the yearbook.

The most effective ads reflect a balance between words and pictures. Ad text can consist of personal messages, inspiring quotations and/or passages from poetry. If you would like to see samples of the messages used in other ads, visit our website

Can I send my materials to the school?

No, please do not send your materials to our school. Our school has selected Jostens to assist with the ad program. Please call their customer service number (800) 358-0800 if you have questions or need assistance in creating your ad.