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Yearbook 2023-2024

UN-Foreseen 2023 to 2024

UN-foreseen was an idea we spent many hours forming to fit and connect to our students and staff. 

We developed the theme idea on our summer trip to san diego. Deciding the theme we had before didn't connect to YOU. But focused on the elements of design. 

We broke down to unforeseen traversing through many other subpar idea's until we came across this one. Finding a gem in the midst of stone and rock (Hint to one of our subpar ideas). 

Unforeseen is meant to connect to not only the star's on stage but the one in the dark of the dim lights taking care of the harder part of the play. Without you we wouldn't have a book to focus on. Without you and your unique stories there would be no gem in the rough to find.

So this is a thanks to you, cvhs students. We dedicate our work to you. 

The goal of our Yearbook last year and most years is to focus on people's individuality and make it as personalized as possible. Even in the midst of a pandemic, our yearbook produced the best yearbook we can that represents the CV Community, the High School and the students of Castro Valley.  While Castro Valley High School is a large high school with almost 3,000 students, we hope to make the community feel just a bit closer even during a global pandemic.

The yearbook staff in 2023-2024 worked harder than ever to create a new and improved book full of memories, to look back on in the future. We have included more quotes, stories, and much more! "UN-foreseen" is a tribute to more of these individual stories of students and staff on campus. Our 67th volume of "Palladium".

The Yearbook is one of the few activities that lasts beyond just the school year. This year is no different, we have an amazing staff putting our book together. We will be hard at work by attending sporting events, taking photos, talking with people, and telling the story of the 2024 graduating class! We can't wait to show off the fruit of our labor this coming spring!

If you are interested in adding your photos to the yearbook, please contact the Palladium Yearbook at: or  We will have a link to share photos this year to be determined. :)

Here is a copy of the Yearbook Syllabus and Application, if you want to know more about what Yearbook is all about. Applications will be emailed out by counselors or the advisor/editors at request. 

We also use for all our Yearbook designing and putting together our book. Our hope is to expand our designing in Adobe InDesign as yearbook grows as a program. 

Yearbook focuses on skills like creative writing, photography, journalism, marketing and more!!

In our 2023 to 2024 school year we have a large amazing staff team of 33 students! 

We are working hard to hear the stories of our students, staff, clubs, groups and classes that are unseen here at CVHS. Hoping to give everyone a place to look back on and remember there time here. Through not only the story of those plastered around school but the stories of those who play a minor part in events but make all the difference if not more! 

We want to pronounce the unseen in our school and put the spot light on it throughout this year. 

Our staff and editor team puts all their passion into your book. 

Yearbook Sales

 Yearbooks can be purchased at the finance office or online here: Yearbook 2023-2024

Senior Portraits

Studio One is excited to be a part of your Senior Portrait Experience. They will provide the Palladium Yearbook with your Official Senior Portrait. Appointments need to be scheduled NO LATER THAN December 30th.

Please call Studio One (925) 361-0430 for an appointment. Click Here for more information.

Senior Recognition Ads

In addition to our regular coverage of school events, CVHS’ Palladium Yearbook offers a way for you to personally honor your senior and display your pride in their achievements: Senior Pages. With many sizes and styles available, there is something for every budget. Choose a standard layout or put together your own collage of photos and text.Full Page – Color$400½ Page – Color$265¼ Page – Color$1501/8  Page$85 To purchase your ad online, follow the instructions on the form below. Yearbook ad sales are managed by Jostens, so please do not contact or send materials to the school. Also, take into account our school's ad content guidelines on the bottom of this form during the creation of your online. Early bird orders are due by 10/29/2021. It's easy! Create your ad online at Choose your ad size and layout.2. Enter your text.3. Upload your photos. Important information about yearbook ads:• Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines.• We retain the right to remove any explicit text, graphic photos or copyright-protected imagery or photos.• For the ad to appear in the yearbook, your ad must be purchased by the order deadline.• Color photographs uploaded for black-and-white ads will appear in black and white.• We will make every effort to use your layout and text as indicated. A proof will not be provided and no changes can be made after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some common questions that hopefully answer your questions.  If you have other questions, please email  You can also call Jostens at (800) 358-0800.

How are the ad prices determined and what is the money used for? 

Ad prices are determined by our school. The revenue from Recognition Ads helps support our yearbook, keep it affordable for everyone, and the more we sell can help us add new and amazing things to our Yearbook. Each year we hope to add additional fancy or creative things to spice up the Yearbook and Ad Sales definitely 100% help! Ad sales also allow Yearbook to send editors and returning staff to Yearbook summer camp each year which not only initiates team bonding but helps us get a jump start on the next year's yearbook.

How is the ad deadline determined?

The ad deadline is set by our school based on the production schedule for the yearbook. 

The most effective ads reflect a balance between words and pictures. Ad text can consist of personal messages, inspiring quotations and/or passages from poetry. If you would like to see samples of the messages used in other ads, visit our website 

Can I send my materials to the school?

No, please do not send your materials to our school. Our school has selected Jostens to assist with the ad program. Please call their customer service number (800) 358-0800 if you have questions or need assistance in creating your ad.