Future Leaders

of Excellence Program

Future Leaders of Excellence (FLEX)

The Resource program at Christ the King has been renamed FLEX to better reflect our mission.

At Christ the King Catholic School all students receive a Catholic education through faith formation, academic excellence, and individual growth. The FLEX program is designed to give academic strategies and instruction to students with exceptionalities. These strategies will aid in academic success in Christ the King's rigorous curriculum, while encouraging students to be independent learners. Our program will help each child achieve success on grade level. The FLEX program does not take the place of studying at home to prepare for assessments or completing homework.

Faith Formation

Elizabeth Ann Seton serves as an example and inspiration for the FLEX Program. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patron saint of Catholic Schools. Although she suffered great hardships in her life, she persevered and made Catholic education a priority.

Read about her life here:

Academic Excellence and Individual Growth

The classroom teachers and FLEX teachers work together to help students successfully perform on grade level. Along with parents and classroom teachers, FLEX teachers determine and write needed accommodations based off psycho-educational testing and classroom performance.

What We Do For Our Students:

  • Write accommodation plans for students who require accommodations to level the playing field between them and their peers

  • Offer targeted academic interventions for students who have been diagnosed with a exceptionalities or those who have been identified as a student of concern

  • We use multiple instructional strategies to aid in student success in the classroom.

  • We provide organizational help.

  • Small group instruction in and out of the classroom setting is provided.

  • A private testing place is given to students who have trouble concentrating in the classroom.

What We Do For Our Parents:

  • We have a website page dedicated to helpful website links for learning and studying at home.

  • Coordinate with parents and local psychologists to ensure that students who are suspected of having a disability receive a psycho-educational evaluation if intervention does not help the student improve

  • Conference with parents and teachers as needed to discuss student needs

  • Answer questions about Christ the King's curriculum

What We Do For Our Teachers:

  • Provide professional development opportunities for our faculty throughout the year

  • Assist in lesson planning and accommodating students in the classroom

Requirements for FLEX Enrollment

Kindergarten through Third Grade Requirements

Before FLEX enrollment is considered the student will receive intervention for the areas of weakness in the classroom. At this time the teacher may also suggest intervention at home such as: tutoring or extra exercises to help with strategies.

If the student is not finding success with these interventions, FLEX enrollment may be considered with a joint referral from the parent and the teachers.

Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade Requirements

Students in 4th-8th grade need to have qualifying psycho-educational testing to enroll in FLEX.

Special arrangements may be made for unique circumstances with the approval of the principal.

Services provided by the FLEX program are not covered by tuition and have an additional cost.

There is a $75 monthly fee to receive FLEX program services.

For more information please email:

Anna Williams - awilliams@ctkcsdaphne.org

Hannen Manning - manning@ctkcsdaphne.org

Jessica Laliberte - laliberte@ctkcsdaphne.org