Academic Resource Program 


At Christ the King Catholic School all students receive a Catholic education through faith formation, academic excellence, and individual growth.  The Resource program is designed to give academic strategies and instruction to students with exceptionalities.  These strategies will aid in academic success in Christ the King's rigorous curriculum, while encouraging students to be independent learners.  Our program will help each child achieve success on grade level.  The Resource program does not take the place of studying at home to prepare for assessments or completing homework. 

Faith Formation

Elizabeth Ann Seton serves as an example and inspiration for the Resource Program.  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patron saint of Catholic Schools.  Although she suffered great hardships in her life, she persevered and made Catholic education a priority. 

Academic Excellence and Individual Growth

The classroom teachers and Resource teachers work together to provide students with learning differences assistance in developing strategies which allow them to learn through their strengths and to circumvent their weaker areas.  The Resource program provides assistance to parents and teachers as they work together to identify areas of need, develop a course of action, and monitor progress.  Along with parents and classroom teachers, Resource teachers determine and write needed accommodations based off current psycho-educational testing and classroom performance.

* Resource enrollment incurs a monthly charge of $75.

Requirements for RESOURCE Enrollment 

Kindergarten through Third Grade 

Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade 


Grades K-2 :  Anna Williams  

Grades 3-5 :  

Grades 6-8 :  Mary Fellrath