welcome to vision 2020

To connect and transform lives with knowledge constructed by way of unique learning experiences.

VISION 2020 is an institutional initiative towards school-wide change and innovation. It is a well-structured and comprehensive applied digital skills and literacy development program. VISION 2020 is driven by a pedagogy-first, learner-centered mindset. It is a digital transformation program and leadership development pathway.

By the end of 2020, all our teachers and leaders will have developed a baseline level of digital competence, directly IMPROVING AND INNOVATING the learning in our classrooms.

“When we approach leadership with an innovator’s mindset, we lead with empathy - meeting people where they are - to help them find or create solutions that work for them.”

George Couros The Innovator's Mindset

Meet the teacher/leader where he/she is.

That is VISION 2020's motto. Meeting people where they are is critical to the success of any professional development program. Ultimately, we want to create and nurture the lifelong learning spirit among all members of our academic staff - teachers, leaders, and students alike. VISION 2020 is a community where we are ALL LEARNERS TOGETHER.

Learn about VISION 2020's development framework and timeline HERE.