vision 2020 ROLLOUT

Meaningful and lasting change does not happen overnight or from one semester to the next. VISION 2020 will follow a three-year rollout, from 2018 to 2020. We will move from the bottom up the Hierarchy of Needs for Innovation and Divergent Thinking pyramid to collectively create the conditions that will enable us to effect meaningful change and innovation in our classrooms.

Our ultimate goal with developing our teachers' and our leaders' digital competence is to ENABLE them to design and facilitate novel and improved learning experiences for our students.

Digital technology DOES NOT EQUAL innovation. It is what we do with technology, how we APPLY it to leverage people's potential for deep, powerful learning that is truly innovative.

"Learners are the driver; technology is the accelerator. (...) Technology gives us the power to accelerate, amplify, and even recreate learning."

George Couros The Innovator's Mindset

2018 | preparing the soil

2018 Major Focus: Foundations of VISION 2020's change process

Create and consolidate an organizational CLIMATE and CULTURE in which TRUST is esential, RISK TAKING is nurtured, and LEARNERS come FIRST. Think of culture as the water in which we swim together. The better the quality of the water, the richer the life it supports. To that effect, all Thomas leaders (Course Coordination, Branch Management, and other members of the Academic staff) will purposefully commit to nurturing and exercising EFFECTIVE CHANGE LEADERSHIP by MODELLING behaviors, via the CONSISTENT follow through of learning and strategies to make change possible and sustainable, as well as by being transparent and RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED.

Teachers are also LEADERS. They will be called to engage early on in the program, for they will play a critical role in the design process of VISION 2020's COLLECTIVE learning path.

2019 | growing together

2019 Major Focus: Build on the foundations of VISION 2020

Zoom in the necessary MINDSET for all members of our learning community to drive and engage in meaningful and relevant PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities. This stage of the program is the cultivation period, planting the seeds of change and tending to the seedlings. Groups and individuals will set learning goals based on a previous self-assessment of digital competences. Learning opportunities will follow a blended learning approach (both face-to-face and online), with lots of lateral learning (peer learning and mentorship), and challenge-based learning, as well.

SHARED ACCOUNTABILITY is another VISION 2020 core value. Everyone, regardless of their organizational role, will commit to learning and helping others in their learning, according to their level of expertise. Learning opportunities and support will be offered and scaffolded for all.

2020 | collective achievement

2020 Major Focus: Achievement of VISION 2020 goal

Learning opportunities will continue to unfold, though now we will zoom in CONSISTENT CARRYOVER into classrooms. We will assess our teachers' ability to plan and facilitate more dynamic and innovative learning experiences for our students. Mentors and mentees will commit to assessing the achievement of VISION 2020 individual goals. Teachers will reassess their levels of digital competence.

By the end of 2020, all our teachers and leaders will have achieved the baseline level of digital competence, equivalent to B1 (Integrator) in the European Framework of Digital Competences for Educators (DigCompEdu).