In order for you to purposefully dive in VISION 2020, let us share with you the three core principles on which our program stands. They aim to guide you in defining and taking the steps ahead. They are the compass you will resort to time and again during your path towards VISION 2020.

CORE PRINCIPLE #01| We Are All Learners Together

Our common goal for VISION 2020 is that we all develop towards and achieve the minimum Educator Digital Competence (EDC) level of INTEGRATOR [B1]. That said, having an EDC of or beyond INTEGRATOR [B1] does not mean the individual should not engage in further development. To the contrary. We strongly believe that the one thing that teachers should do best is LEARN, and to never stop learning. Therefore, we need you to join us in being learners together with fellow teachers who kight not be at the same level as you, but that will greatly benefit when you bring your skills to your every-day classroom practice and share them with your fellow teachers, which calls for our second core principle.

CORE PRINCIPLE #02| We Build on our Strengths

VISION 2020 is all about building on our people’s strengths. We believe that all the expertise we need to move forward lies within each and every one of us, both as individuals with diverse talents, and as a team with our unique collective genius. WE - students, parents, teachers, and other school community members - ALL need and count on each other’s unique skill sets and expertise to collaborate both as LEARNERS and MENTORS throughout VISION 2020, which takes us to our third core principle.

CORE PRINCIPLE #03| We Lead our Learning

VISION 2020 hopes to articulate and provide the necessary conditions all of us need to thrive as learners, but we also hold close to our heart that powerful learning, the kind that truly transforms you, needs to be SELF-INITIATED and SELF-DRIVEN. This is just the kind of commitment that we hope to see in our students, and we should therefore commit to being lifelong learners ourselves. The continuous success of our school community directly depends on our ability to keep curious, keep learning, and keep developing as professionals.

our 2019 learning menu

In 2019, our emphasis will be on consolidating our innovator's mindset and on providing multiple opportunities for professional development.

The following opportunities will be offered in 1/2019:

In 2/2019, our Innovation Mentors will keep leading the Professional Learning Communities in all our branches. Upon requests from teachers, they will lead another round of the Digital Learning Lab | Google Classroom module (designed by Lucas Gontijo last semester).