Winnona Park School Counseling

Dr. Meg Huntington


Welcome to the Winnona Park Elementary School Counseling webpage. Please take a look around for more information about the program. If you'd like to set up a consultation or refer a student, please click the link below. Thanks!

Winnona Park Elementary Counseling Vision Statement:  All students of Winnona Park school counseling program achieve their dreams, improve the world, demonstrate empathy and compassion for all living beings, appreciate multiple and diverse perspectives and continue to actively learn. 

Winnona Park Elementary Counseling Mission Statement:  At Winnona Park Elementary the counseling program strives to provide equitable opportunities for rigorous and enriching experiences, access to resources necessary for all students to pursue their dreams and succeed in achieving them. The counselor seeks to dissolve barriers to success and address disparities in educational opportunities to raise the achievement gap. The school counseling program strives to provide opportunities that empower students to manifest their full potential, and become successful, responsible, respectful, and contributing citizens. 

Here is the form to complete if you'd like me to meet with your child individually, in groups or to request a consultation.

Counseling Request Form 23-24