CSD Induction Program


The Induction Program at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont provides impactful and planned professional development opportunities for participating teachers. Mentors collaborate with participating teachers on agreed-upon goals, reflective practices, and student achievement. The program supports new teachers through coaching by experienced curriculum specialists.

Vision Statement

Teacher performance, student achievement, and retention for both teachers and students are enhanced through this program. Mindfulness, well-being, research-based instruction, and ample support is stressed through effective mentoring.



Teacher Education

March 2019 (Y1) &

March 2022 (Y4)

Program Review

October 2022 (Y4)

Common Standards

February 2023 (Y5)

Site Visits

Spring 2024 (Y6)

Preconditions are requirements that must be met in order for an accrediting association or licensing agency to consider accrediting a program sponsor or approving its programs or schools. Some preconditions are based on state laws, while other preconditions are established by Commission policy. Preconditions can be found within each program's standard document.

Preconditions A Precondition is a requirement for initial and continued program approval. The basis for a precondition is either statute, regulations, or Commission Policy.

Program Review The Program Review process, which occurs during Year Five of the accreditation cycle, provides the Commission and the Institutional Review Team with evidence that an institution is consistently meeting program standards.

The Common Standards deal with aspects of program quality that cross all approved educator preparation programs. The institution responds to each Common Standard by providing pertinent information, including information about individual programs. When a new program is proposed, the institution submits a Common Standards Addendum to address how the new program will integrate with the already approved programs.

Common Standards The Common Standards address issues of institutional infrastructure, stability, and processes that are designed to ensure that the implementation of all approved programs is successful and meets all standards.

Site Visits occur during year 6. Reports are presented and shared with CTC Consultant (s).

Timeline: Preparing for Accreditation Site Visit

preparing-for-accreditation-site-visit (1).doc

Important Information

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