DGN Student Advisory Council

Freshmen, Class of 2021:

Delaney Durbin

Elena Encina

Matt Rowley

Kevin Bozeman

Chris Morris

Sophomores, Class of 2020:

Mary Albert

Trayshaun Collins

Charlotte Klasing

Regi Merkin

Naomi Rajesh

Antwaun Scott

Juniors, Class of 2019:

Matthew Brady

Nivea Crockett

Ruqqaiya Fatima

Chris Guy

Riley Hornilla

Seniors, Class of 2018:

Ali Ahmad

Gonzalo Alvarado

Prevail Bonga

Madelyn Mezatis

Natalie White

Hollis Kerr

Reilly Britt

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to a wide range of students to gather diverse opinions. Our goal is to make DGN a welcoming and inclusive school so we put importance on the opinions of every student at North.