CSD17 Accelerated Learning Program

CSD 17 Accelerated Learning Program

Channahon 17 believes that all students have special gifts and abilities.  Our educators expect to meet the unique needs of each child in the context of the classroom environment to provide a robust and challenging experience, while fostering a true love of learning. 

The District’s Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) places qualified students in an educational setting that includes curriculum usually reserved for students who are older or in higher grades than the student.

Illinois Definition of Program Requirements

Illinois Accelerated Placement Act, Public Act 100-0421

Section 14A-17 defines “accelerated placement” as:

Section 14A-32 requires that each school district develop a policy for accelerated placement that includes or incorporates by reference the following items:

Section 14A-32 also provides that the adopted policy may include or incorporate, but need not be limited to, the following: