Introduction to Data Management

Description: In this course, we will introduce the basics of modern data management. You will learn about schema design, data modeling, query languages, building database applications, transactions, and many other topics. Through lectures, sections, and assignments, you will learn about and understand how real-world data management systems work, and how they touch upon many aspects of our daily lives.

Remote quarter: This quarter is mandated to have fully online instruction with no in-person meetings permitted. So long as the staff internet connections permit, we will still be holding synchronous lecture/section meetings so that students have the opportunity to ask questions and work together - please do attend and participate! The class Canvas holds our full Zoom schedule. Lecture recordings will be posted if you need to access them asynchronously.

Questions and Comments: If you have any questions or comments about lectures, sections, assignments, quizzes, or whatever, post on ED. This is the fastest way to get in contact with the 344 staff and your peers. You can post privately to just the staff and anonymously to the whole class if you want to. If you need to talk about anything personal or offline, see us during office hours or email the instructor (ajratner @ cs) to set up a meeting. And we love feedback! If you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions let us know through this anonymous feedback tool or feel free to contact us directly.

For additional details about the class, please refer to the syllabus.

Alex Ratner (instructor)

He/him pronouns, ajratner@cs

OH: Tuesday, 10 AM

Gibbs Geng

He/Him pronouns, zg44@cs

OH: Monday, 4:30 PM

Jieyu Zhang

He/him pronouns, jieyuz2@cs

OH: Tuesday, 8:00 AM

Zhennan Zhou

He/Him pronouns, zhouz46@cs

OH: Friday, 2:30 PM

Khang Phan

He/him pronouns, kphan000@cs

OH: Wednesday, 5 PM

Jane Heffernan

She/her pronouns, janeheff@cs

OH: Thursdays, 8:30 AM

Tanish Kapur

He/Him pronouns, tan33sh@cs

OH: Wednesday, 11 AM

Steven Zhu

He/Him pronouns, szhu23@cs

OH: Thursday, 3:30 PM

Julia Wang

She/her pronouns, julialwa@cs

OH: Thursday, 4 PM


Note that all instruction for the quarter is remote. Links to the Zoom meetings and lecture recordings can be found on Canvas.

  • (Lecture) MWF, 1:30 - 2:20 PM

  • (Section AA) Th, 8:30 - 9:20 AM: Khang, Jieyu

  • (Section AB) Th,9:30 - 10:20 AM: Julia, Zhennan

  • (Section AC) Th, 12:30 - 1:20 PM: Jane, Steven

  • (Section AD) Th, 1:30 - 2:20 PM: Gibbs, Tanish


  • HW 1 due April 8th @ 11pm

  • HW 2 due April 15th @ 11pm

  • HW 3 due April 22th @ 11pm

  • HW 4 due April 29th @ 11pm

  • HW 5 (starter code) -- milestone 1 due May 6th @ 11pm

              • -- milestone 2 due May 13th @ 11pm

  • HW 6 due May 24th @ 11pm

  • HW 7 due June 1st @ 11pm

  • HW 8 due June 9th @ 11pm


Quizzes will be Gradescope-based. Each will be open-book, open-note, and available for 24 hours with no secondary time limit.

  • Quiz 1 (SQL basics)- Monday April 12th

  • Quiz 2 (Advanced SQL + RA)- Monday April 26th

  • Quiz 3(Transactions + Cost Estimation)- Monday May 10th

  • Quiz 4(Parallel + SQL++)- Tuesday May 25th

  • Quiz 5(Cypher, semistructured)- Tuesday June 8th Cancelled!!


See Canvas for the full list of lecture recordings




Week 1

Monday, March 29th


Wednesday, March 31st

6.1 - 6.2

Friday, April 2nd

6.1 - 6.2

Week 2

Monday, April 5th

6.1 - 6.2

Wednesday, April 7th


Friday, April 9th

2.4, 5.1-5.2

Week 3

Monday, April 12th

2.4, 5.1-5.2

Wednesday, April 14th


Friday, April 16th


Week 4

Monday, April 19th


Wednesday, April 21st


Friday, April 23th


Week 5

Monday, April 26th

15.1, 15.1.5, 15.3, 16.4-16.4.3

Wednesday, April 28th

15.1, 15.1.5, 15.3, 16.4-16.4.3

Friday, April 30th

8.3-8.4.3, 16.4.4

Week 6

Monday, May 3rd

Wednesday, May 5th

Friday, May 7th

Week 7

Monday, May 10th

Wednesday, May 12th

Friday, May 14th

Week 8

Monday, May 17th

Wednesday, May 19th

Friday, May 21st

Week 9

Monday, May 24th

Wednesday, May 26th

Friday, May 28th

Week 10

Wednesday, June 2nd

Friday, June 4th


2021-04-01 Section 1 (Video)

2021-04-08 Section 2 (slide, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-04-15 Section 3 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-04-22 Section 4 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-04-29 Section 5 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-05-06 Section 6 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-05-13 Section 7 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-05-20 Section 8 (slides, worksheet, solution, video)

2021-05-27 Section 9 (slides)

2021-06-03 Section 10

Office Hours

Other Resources


Database Systems: The Complete Book (2nd Edition) <errata>

The library has the following that you might find useful if you require another explanation of a topic.

  • Fundamentals of database systems by Elsmasri and Navathe

  • Database management systems by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke

  • Foundations of database systems by Abiteboul, Hull and Vianu

Past Panopto Recordings (for UW students)

Look at the course webpage for a schedule of what topic was taught when.

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