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A Roundabout way home

By Rasa Tamulavichus, OD

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My favorite patient story involves an eight-year-old boy with a pet tarantula. He came in with a red, painful eye, and a quick look under the slit lamp revealed thousands of tiny, almost translucent little fibers in his cornea. After learning he had a pet tarantula, I turned to Google and found out that tarantulas shoot hair off their backs as a defense mechanism—this kid had thousands of tarantula hairs embedded in his eye! We removed what we could, put him on steroids, and saw him every day until his vision was back to 20/20. Experiences like this are why I love private practice optometry. Click here for more...

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SVOS is the local affiliate of the California Optometric Association, one of twenty-five such societies in the state.

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