RAUC Equity Work

Introduction to RAUC Equity Work

Hear from the RAUC School Council, including educators and families, about why equity work matters to them.

Why is it important to you that our RAUC community focuses on equity?

How does it benefit our community if we are open about the equity work that we do?

Cambridge Public School District Definition of Equity

Equity means that each student, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status will have access to the opportunities, resources, and support they need to attain their full potential.

Racial Equity means the absence of institutional and structural barriers experienced by people based on race or color, that impede access, opportunities, and results.

Achieving racial equity requires proactive and continuous investment in communities of color, who have endured centuries of systemic oppression. CPS is committed to dismantling structures rooted in white privilege, to hearing and elevating underrepresented voices, and recognizing and eliminating bias.

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RAUC School Council Definition

The RAUC School Council serves as an advisory group to the principal for Equity work at RAUC and includes educators, parents/caregivers, and students. Some things the School Council does:

  • Helps surface equity issues that they see through their role in the community

  • Suggests ideas for ways to resolve those issues as well as give feedback on school initiatives

  • Supports more effective partnership between school and families in service of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion