Physical Computing Lab

The LTMaker Lab was only the beginning of hands-on integration between Computer Science and creative physical projects. Lane Tech's 2nd innovative space residing within the Computer Science Department is the Physical Computing Lab. While the LT Maker Lab focuses more on digital fabrication, the Physical Computing Lab focuses more on electronics such as microcomputers and microcontroller as well as hardware development and experimentation. The iterative design process is a common thread through our courses and is a crucial component of project development and curriculum design.

Particle Photon Powered Rube Goldberg Machines.mp4

Projects designed and developed in the Physical Computing Lab often focus on helping students leverage technology and computer science concepts to make the world a better place. Students have developed everything from human augmentation projects that help people with disabilities, to environmental sensor projects using low-cost microcontrollers and sensors to records, analyze and visualize the world around them. The Physical Computing Lab and the LT Maker Lab collaborate on a large-scale project each year called the Lane of Things. You can learn more about this project through the our Press page.