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NEW: Computer Science Concentration With Graduation Distinction and Medal

Students who complete specific coursework in Computer Science will receive the Lane Tech Computer Science Recognition of Achievement medal at graduation. Students must declare their area of concentration freshmen or sophomore year. The Area of Concentration Declaration form must be completed, signed by appropriate staff, and returned to Mrs. Hildebrandt by January 18th, 2019. Concentration requirements can be found here. Only students who complete the declaration form will be granted pre-selection of courses.

If you have any questions, ask your CS current teacher or reach out to Mr. Daniel Law at

All of the courses are electives. Some of the more advanced courses may require teacher approval. This approval can usually be gained either by taking one of our introductory courses OR by showing us you have gained experience through some other venue. It can be showing us what you have contributed to an open source project online or a mod you created for your favorite game.