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Trivia Night with Peter Sagal from NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

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LTMaker Bazaar - Monday December 17th, 2018 3:30-5:30pm

Computer Science at Lane

The Computer Science Department at Lane Tech College Prep High School is nationally recognized as one of the largest and most innovative in the country, providing students with an unmatched range of courses, knowledge and experience. We have meticulously built our team of educators that bring a variety of strengths and experiences from many areas of Computer Science. 

Students can move from rich and substantive introductory classes like Exploring Computer Science to a variety of advanced electives including App Development, Physical Computing, Microarchitecture, two AP CS courses, Innovation and Creation Lab, Media Computation and more. Many of these courses cannot be found in any other school in state. Lane Tech's administration, alumni, and overall community have helped CS become a pillar of the school. 

How do we define computer science?

Computer Science is a field of study that reaches into both theory and practice. There is not a single aspect of our society that doesn’t benefit from the practical side of computing. Computing has affected how we communicate with each other on a personal level and on a mass scale. Everything from smartphones to tablets to the movies you watch today, are all heavily affected by the field of Computer Science. Computing has even affected how we perform even the smallest tasks during the course of our everyday lives. Everything from hybrid cars to the clothes you are wearing to the food you ate for breakfast. 

All these products are only possible now because of what computer scientists do.  It is what drives our society into the future. Being a user and consumer of technology has become the norm. From a more abstract point of view, Computer Science can be seen as the science of problem-solving. Students of the field will develop skills in pattern recognition, modeling and analyzing problems.

Our goal is to turn the consumers and users of technology today into creators and makers of technology of tomorrow.

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