Test Practice Activity


Complete the tasks below to help you prepare for the CAASPP tests. Each link will take you to a new tab. When you are done complete the reflection questions at the bottom.

Step 1: Practice Test How to Video

Watch the video on how to take the CAASPP Practice Test.

Accessing Practice CAASPP Tests.mp4

Step 2: Universal Tool How To Video

Watch the video on how to use the CAASPP Universal Testing Tools

Student Universal Tools 2015-2016.mp4

Step 3: Additional Video Tutorials

Universal Tools: Choose a universal tool tutorial to watch from the list below:

Calculator - Grades 6–8 Tutorial (1:53)/ Grade 11 Tutorial (1:51)

Digital Notepad - Tutorial (1:36)

Global Notes - Tutorial (1:18)

English Dictionary - Tutorial (1:08)

English Glossary - Tutorial (1:08)

Expandable Passages - Tutorial (0.59)

Highlighter - Tutorial (1:52)

Strikethrough - Tutorial (1:18)

Mark for Review - Tutorial (1:12)

Zoom - Tutorial (1:02)

Calculators: Watch the Calculator Tutorial for your grade level.

6th Grade Calculator

CAASSP SBAC 6th Grade Calculator.mp4

7th Grade Calculator

CAASPP SBAC 7th Grade Calculator.mp4

8th Grade Calculator

CAASPP SBAC 8th Grade Calculator.mp4

11th Grade Calculator

CAASPP SBAC 11th Grade Calculator.mp4

Step 4: Complete the CAASPP Language Arts, Math & Science Practice Tests

Login and complete the CAASPP practice tests here: http://www.caaspp.org/. When you finish the practice test return to this site to answer the reflection questions. If you need additional help completing the practice test visit: https://sites.google.com/cpcschools.org/caaspp/information

Step 5: Reflection Questions

Copy the reflection questions below the dotted line into the submission box. Fill in your answers next to each question.


  1. What is one thing you learned in the Universal Tools video that you didn’t know about before or use last year?
  2. Which additional video tutorial did you click on? How can it help you during the test?
  3. What was the easiest part of the practice test for you? Give specific examples.
  4. What was the hardest part of the practice test for you? Give specific examples.
  5. After watching the videos and completing the practice test, do you feel ready to take the actual CAASPP tests?
  6. Based on your experience taking this practice tests what can you do now to help you prepare for the real test in the spring. Give specific examples, things you can do, and who will help.